Canadian “Soldier of Allah” sole purpose was to kill police officers at Flint airport

(WXYZ) – A document filed in federal court is giving more details on the mindset of the man who attacked an airport police officer at Flint’s Bishop International Airport.

The document was filed in response to a motion by attorneys for Amor Ftouhi. They are asking the court for the contact information of people interviewed as possible witnesses in the case.

In their response to the motion, prosecutors write that after Ftouhi was taken into custody he said in an interview that “he had entered the United State with the sole purpose of killing armed U.S. government employees.”

The government also writes that he considered that his “mission” and that he called himself a “soldier of Allah” and that he subscribes to the ideology of Osama Bin Laden and that he celebrated the September 11th attacks, praising Bin Laden for organizing the attacks on an “enemy of Allah” – the United States.

  • Gary

    Let’s see , 19 muslims on 9/11 slaughter 24 Canadians and this guy cheers it.
    YEP….he’s Justin’s kind of Muslim and I bet that CUPE and Justin’s Muslim MP’s wil ldemand that we rescue him to bring back where he will get $10.5 million from Justin via the SCOC islamophiles.
    I’m still sick from the time that Olivia Chow and Howard Hampton stood and clapped for George Galloway at the UofT Hall where he defended the 9/11 hijackers and said that the 24 Canadians deserved it.
    These treasonous bastards were living off Tax dollars and supported muslims slaughtering Canadians just to keep their Jew-hating Party and supported happy. I cursed Chow every time I saw her on CPAC when she became an MP for the NDP
    by the voters that also supported the slaughtering of 24 Canadians on 9/11.
    Never once did I have an issue with China Town until they voted in this parasite and racist that bashed canada at every chance. Her grandparents and parents might have been slaughtered by the Japanese in WW2 if it wasn’t for all those White men she has disdain for that died among the millions of Chinese killed since 1931 .

    The Left loves to hold up Chow as a success story for Immigration and multiculturalism. That’s because she hates Canada and white people plus wants Socialism for Canada so that more Jack Layton’s and her can feed at the public trough and laugh at the ignorant peons that steal from .

    She and Jack conspired to hide how serious his illness was as to get re-elected and have him die in Office for her to get 2 MP Pensions once she does her 6 years. Don’t forget…..Sue Ann Levy predicted that Chow would use her MP salary to fund the promotions for her running as mayor….Sue said that Chow would finish her 6th year as an MP to get 2 Pensions not run for another term as the MP .
    BINGO……Chow ghets her 6th years and 2 MP pension and then announces she’s running for the Mayors position. But her racism caused her to lose just like Hillary’s arrogance and contempt for the worker class got Trump elected .
    Chow’s campaign against John Tory was based on her slogan ” I’m not white and I’m not a male”.
    This is the mind set from being in a Minority community that self-segregates and thinks that Chow speaks for all of Canada where she is only speaking for 1 MP seat.

    To conclude……muslims are now suffering this mind-set where they want to live as they did back home in the hell-holes they fled but want all of the benefits Canada gives and yet far too many want us dead . The odd Imam calls for killing gays or all the jews in Canada while the Police allow it and the HRC’s paint muslims as victims of racism.

    • krystal10

      It’s more than the odd Imam. We are not in the mosques during their sermons and prayers while they speak in Arabic.
      Do not forget their opening prayer asking Allah not to stray in our path.

      • Gary

        I remember how pissed Dan McTeague was when the Mosque he spoke in didn’t tell him that they were making a video of the event.
        I found the video by accident during a search , so i watched it.
        Liberal MP McTeague took the mic to say hello and then denied Jesus as the messiah when he spoke the 2 parts of the Shahada which Justin did in 2015 .

        McTeague lives in a nice White area of Oakville but ran in the Pickering area and would cater to Muslims which was why this Catholic
        Liberal denied Jesus behind closed doors to muslims but found out a video was made and it was posted on the Internet that I linked on Blogs before it was pulled.

        I laughed when the muslim men grunted and barked as McTeague praise allah and Muhamad because it reminded me of the 1960’s Planet of the Apes series where the gorilla Soldiers are stupid and trained to kill and during the pep talks by the Gorilla General they grunt and bark from the tiered amphitheatre .

        • andycanuck

          Except ape shall not kill ape; that never occurs to Moslems.

          • Drunk by Noon ✓

            It’s ape shall kill the crap out of apes first

  • Alain

    The smell of $10.5 million dollars works in mysterious ways.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Typical American-hating Canadian! 😉

  • We have unchecked Islamists promoting hatred in this country.

    How could any of this go wrong?