Canada’s Border Invasion Intensifies!

Last Monday, an estimated 500 border jumpers walked into Quebec, Canada through one illegal border crossing alone.

During the next 24 hour period between Tuesday and Wednesday, 300 illegals walked the same path.

  • Thanks to Trudeau’s open door policy, Canada’s criminal statistics are going to be increasing exponentially.

    • Liberal Progressive

      But it’s more their country than the country of those of us born here because they chose Canada (after choosing the USA first).

      I know that because Justin told us that on CTV’s Your Morning program back on June 30, 2017.

      • k2

        My question is at what point does an immigrant become a boring old native and lose all special status thereby?

        • Liberal Progressive

          I guess that depends on whether they are Caucasian or non-white though our Liberal Party manuals don’t say that explicitly.

      • andycanuck

        Canada? Didn’t that used to be the first post-national state?

    • ontario john

      Can’t wait for the great photo ops of Trudeau handing out winter coats.

      • andycanuck

        Justin’s going to Syria???

  • Sharkibark

    If they have so many resources to welcome them in and transport them to Montreal, why not just make it an “official” border crossing with the same processing as at an airport or bridge? I’d rather hire 10 local bureaucrats and a few trigger-happy rentacops then allow these criminal queue-jumpers in for even a single day.

  • ontario john

    A Catholic convent is now being used as a shelter for the voodoo believing Haitians. And social justice warriors are now whining that more money will be needed to get the kids in school. After all, everything is FREE HERE IN CANADA!

    • Liberal Progressive

      I think we need some government euthanasia centres need to be opened so that old stock Canadians can help make some more room for the people this country really belongs to!

      • Justin St.Denis

        I trust you simply forgot to include an indication that your comment was meant sarcastically. Otherwise, your comment could be interpreted as suggesting an official targeted generational genocide, which is definitely illegal according to Canadian law. Also, because you posted it here, you leave BCF open to legal consequences. Surely these are not your intentions?!?