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‘Do it, Mehmet’: German anti-litter campaign under fire for using Turkish names

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A German city’s campaign to encourage citizens to throw away their trash has angered the area’s Turkish community because it includes garbage bins that urge people with names such as ‘Mehmet’ and ‘Gülcan’ to pick up their litter.

The city of Duisburg launched the campaign about a month ago in an effort to keep the community clean, putting signs on around 6,000 trash cans.

The signs have slogans encouraging people to throw their litter away, such as “Come here, Kevin” and “Clean, Steffi.”

But some also include Turkish names, with slogans such as “There you go, Gülcan” and “Do it, Mehmet.”

The use of those names in the campaign have left some people within the city’s Turkish community angry.