Study: Islam Inspires Terror, Not Climate Change or Poverty

Liberal and globalist influencers in the West have attempted to attribute the spread of violent, radical Islam to everything from poverty to global warming, but a new study by an Islamic expert from the University of Vienna belies these persistent claims that Islamic terrorism is spurred primarily by factors outside the religion.

The 310-page study of nearly 30 violent Islamists by Islamic theologian Ednan Aslan and financed by the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs suggests that many radical Islamists have extensive knowledge of Islam and are motivated by their violent interpretation of their religion to a much greater extent than any of the plethora of reasons provided by Western liberals.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    So, can I get a government grant for a study to show that fish swim in water? :rolleyes

    • You have to have a Liberal Party membership first.

      • andycanuck

        And don’t have actually write up the report either. Not even cutting and pasting something off the Net.

    • Alain

      Don’t laugh but several years ago I recall some gal who got one to produce a phamplet-sized book titled “How To Shit In The Woods”. I even came across it once in the library, so it is not fake news.

      • DavidinNorthBurnaby

        They probably have a copy in the Commie Douglas Library in South Burnaby. Not that I would ever set foot in the place.

        • Alain

          Likely since this was at a branch of the Fraser Valley Regional Library. I also understand in a lot of these cases copies are purchased by government for free distribution to libraries, but I do not know if that happened in this case.

    • mobuyus

      Get in line buddy I’m still waiting for my grant to study wave patterns on Hawaiian beach’s.

  • Gary

    I have only seen about 5 happy well adjusted muslims that would be called Moderates and liberals.
    My Guess is that the Peaceful muslims were born that way and would be passive and kind , even as an Atheist , where the quran and islam has nothing to do with 90%+ of the Peaceful followers.
    We may have a new version of the Trans person where a child raised as a kind person is really a Trans-violent person that has a killer inside them and they covert to islam where they feel normal because quranic verses to kill people matches up with what’s inside them .

    So maybe the SJS ( sudden jihad syndrome) is actually a Trans-killer coming out of the closet from being born that way and suppressed it until the Quran was revealed to them as they became really devout and felt connected to god. Which they then believe sanctions killing others as a favour to god.

    Maybe jihad and Terrorism is Fluid just like genders where one day you work at a soup kitchen but the next day you’re a suicide-bomber or stab people at a Canadian Tire.

  • Well, colour me surprised.