Lower Saxony set to ban Islamic face veils in schools

The case of a Muslim pupil refusing to remove her niqab triggered debate in Lower Saxony. Now a new law may mean that full-face Islamic veils will no longer be allowed in state schools.

The state of Lower Saxony is expected to announce a ban on face veils such as burqas and niqabs in schools in August, following a unanimous decision by the state parliament on Thursday to amend current education policies, reports the Branschweiger Zeitung.

A niqab covers the whole body except for a slit for the eyes, whereas a burqa fully covers the body including the eyes.

  • DMB
    • Shebel

      Oh! For Gawds sake!

      Next thing you will do is proclaim yourself as a–

      VICTIM !

      • DMB

        The left admires the Islamic face vale because they claim it represents “tolerance” and “diversity” when it in fact it represents the opposite. The KKK also represents intolerance and hate but the left is very selective of what type of bigotry and oppression it supports. Many on the left who support the Islamic face vale freak out when shown the comparison. Both the KKK & Islamic vale are two side of the same coin.

    • Shebel

      No need to explain.

      YOU are now a CANADIAN CITIZEN .

      WELCOME !

  • Martin B

    That full-faced Islamic veils were ever allowed in any schools in the civilized world is an abomination.

  • Shebel

    The good thing about being a Canadian—
    Is that we Trust everybody.
    This is why Criminals avoid CANADA.
    They feel Ashamed.

  • Gary

    During Hajj in Saudi Arabia the face cover is banned. There are also security measure to detect terrorists or suicide bombers.
    But don’t tell Justin that….he got a his jew-hating pro-whahhabi buddy Omar Alghabra that is a Sunni Saudi coaching him on islam where all muslims are peaceful and the Niqab is part of islam.

    It will take about five 9/11’s in canada for Liberals to wake up and start to look into how islam might be linked to muslims terrorists praising god in Arabic and citing verses from the Quran.
    We can only hope that they Jihadists go after Liberals first and then feminists , gays , Communists , BLM terrorists , Lawyers and the SCOC’s white Liberal elites.
    Oh the irony if the terrorist in Toronto toss gays of the Trump Tower when they mocked Trump over him wanting to stop bringing in homophobic muslim immigrants and refugees.
    They’ll be cursing Justin Trudeau as the sidewalk gets closer .

    • Shebel

      Have you noticed that the word “Jihadist’ is undergoing a —

      Not the Islamic Cult—– just the ‘WORD’.

    • Hard Little Machine

      The upside is that every year after the Hajj there is a spike in polio across the Muslim world. They believe vaccines are a Jewish plot. So they share something else with progressives

      • Shebel

        If it was a Jewish plot—
        They would have made it more Potent.

  • Shebel

    I am about to go on a peaceful jihad.

    Is the use of the word JIHAD—-

    Cultural Appropriation?

  • Dana Garcia

    You cannot have a democratic society when some people are allowed to hide their faces like bandits.

  • Shebel

    If the Jews were even remotely capable of a fraction of the things that they are accused of—
    You would ALL be fucking DEAD.

  • Barrington Minge

    Anyone who wears this sort of things clearly has much to hide….moustache, beard, boils etc etc