Is transgender military ban a test for Trump?

From Austin Ruse at C-Fam:

Trump cited the concerns about the cost of healthcare for transgenders including the enormous cost of so-called sex change operations. According to the Encyclopedia of Surgery, the cost of a male-to-female surgery, castration and the building of a crude vagina, is $20,000, while the cost of female-to-male, including amputation of otherwise healthy breasts, and the building of a crude penis, runs upwards of $50,000. The estimates are only for the surgery, and do not include the costs for the lifetime necessity of hormones to keep their innate sexes in check.

Trump is also concerned about unit cohesion. In the proposed pro-transgender Army regulations circulated during the Obama administration, was included verbiage about treating everyone with “dignity and respect.” It raised perplexing questions for troops such as whether a female soldier shows dignity and respect to an anatomically correct male who enters her shower if she were to cover up and turn away in natural modesty. The service woman could reasonably fear disciplinary action for doing so. Precedent has already been set for such action, such as the discharging from the service of Christian military chaplains for adhering to their beliefs about homosexuality. More.

Reality check: The purpose of an army is to deter foreign aggression, put down rebellions, and manage natural disasters beyond the scope of civilian powers. The purpose of an army is not progressive social justice any more than the purpose of a fire department is social justice. If even basic protection must give way to progressive social justice, the obvious solution is not to have progressive governments anymore. The hour is late.

If Trump can’t win this one, he can’t win anything. Same with the horror show at the Veterans’ Administration.

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