Hold UNICEF Accountable for Falsehoods on Iraq

The British Journal of Global Health has found that the idea that sanctions on Iraq killed 500,000 children was a fiction dreamed up by Saddam Hussein’s government to fuel propaganda against the West.

  • Gary

    There are two things that Liberals and the CBC didn’t care about.

    First there was Saddam killing about 5000 of his people( mostly brown) per month pre-Invasion with not one word from CBC.
    Second was the Canadian Doctor in June right after the Liberation where he told the Media that he saw his Hospital use the basement coolers to store dead children for propaganda Photos where they are taken out and placed at scenes as victims of foreign aggression .

    The CBC has a history of Fake News that we are funding at the rate of over $1 billion a year.

    One perfect example is the 2005 support that the CBC gave for Maher Arar’s $400,000,000.00 lawsuit against Canada when they kept reporting how he was nabbed in New York and flown to Syria to be tortured .
    Here’s his the 2003 CBC New item where Arar launched his lawsuit against JORDAN where he said he was torture for 14 days and then driven to his Homeland .
    When that lawsuit was tossed out by January 2004…. that’s when CAIR helped Arar go after Canada . Just this July we heard Maher Arar defend Omar Khadr’s $10.5 million pay off and said that those opposing it were racists.
    Muslims are NOT a race of people .


    Either the CBC hires morons too stupid to do a News archive search , or they know that all of their News is BS and Fake and the Archives are just for show and should never be used to Fact-Check since they are LIES.

    The big lie about 1 million people that died in iraq . The UN could only confirm about 50,000 which included the normal death rates and sick people in the Hospitals they died from an illness.
    But keep in mind….Saddam was killing about 5000 a month which was about 60,000 a year that the Leftists and Liberal stayed quiet over.

    • A litany of deceit at our expense.

    • Watchman

      I’m a big fan of Stefan Molyneux, but he keeps quoting the death toll from the 2003+ invasion of Iraq as “1 million+”. I know it isn’t true and is based on a BS biased British Lancet article/letter, but it’s hard to criticise without being like a holocaust denier saying that six million Jews didn’t die but the real number might have been five million. Any innocent death is a tragedy, but the whole cost/benefit ratio must be considered instead of just the cost.

      We see this in our own country, with lots of people pushing for increased regulations or restrictions by claiming, “If it saves just one child’s life…”

      • andycanuck

        And I believe that just like Global Warming surface temperature data the Lancet authors took a sample for a small area in the “hot” war zone and extrapolated that for the whole country.

      • Gary

        If 1 million had been killed in 2003…. the media would have shown bodies all over the place because the dead were in combat zones .

        The claims of the huge loss in Dresden was exposed a few years back as a hoax. Government documents are often sealed for 50-60 years. So when the File was released about that event the Government records showed less than 4000 person reported as missing by relatives of the assumed dead.

        Even muslims pad the number to claim that there are 1.8 billion muslims and that 99% are peaceful.
        But there are 56 OIC’s where i can’t get 1 muslims to give me a list of just 5 islamic Nation where the 99% live. There are 11 nation the kill gays while another 16 ban jews from their hatred, a few allow child-bride pedophilia , most are misogynistic where some flog and stone them .
        It’s pretty tough to hide 99% of 1.8 billion people that are Peaceful and yet all of the OIC’s use the same Quran that calls for killing jews and all of the current 6 billion non-muslims.
        For about 1350 years , isalm got away with being promoted as Peaceful…..but in the 1960’s along came Satellites and now smart phones with real-time videos for Jihad terrorism and beheading’s .
        Today’s fallback position by muslims is that THOSE people aren’t real muslims……but that makes it worse because they all used the same quran as real muslims and yet cite verses to kill for allah .

        • Watchman

          Or the ones that claim in English that the terrorists are not true muslims, but say in Arabic that they should have been more effective and killed more by their terrorist acts.

  • krystal10

    UNICEF SCAM: My former boyfriend was in Burundi towards the end of the Rwanda slaughter. He saw Unicef SUVs, big ones, air-conditioned Mercedes model with tinted windows traveling through poor villages and small towns.
    They use donations and they propagate lies to bolster their luxurious lifestyle.

  • Tooth&Claw

    If you still believe the U.N does good works, I think you may want to evaluate what actually goes on.

    • Watchman

      If you still believe the UN does good works, you are probably an Islamist, a Communist or an SJW.