Germany: More Dangerous Than Mongolia, But Not as Bad as Gambia

Germany is not as safe as it was in the past. In fact it’s dropped 31 places, according to a biennial security ranking of different countries.

  • Gary

    I give islam about 15 years to make canada dangerous for women and little girls that will be raped in public places.
    Liberals will help cause this because they are already in denial as islamophilic where we are close to having Sharia Blasphemy laws enforced by the Nabob’s at the Human Rights Commissions since we just saw one case about a Landlord that was fined $12,000 for entering his property that was rented by muslims and he didn’t remove his shoes from the make-shift mosque.

    Can’t wait until a Mosque is on fire and the Fire Fighters refuse to remove the boots to go in where they just stand by and let it burn to the ground as allahs will. We have labour laws where employees can refuse dangerous work , so if Fire Fighters are told to remove the boot while the females must remove the helmet and wear a hijab… will tie the HRC in knots because the WSIB has rules for safety as well.

    What I found odd about 9/11 was that there were mini-mosques in the towers for muslims employees which means there were qurans…..yet not one protest or word of outrage towards the 19 muslims hijackers. Make me believe that it was Jihad by 19 muslims as allah will which the 1.5 billion muslims knew all along but LIED about condemning it to out face as their hearts cursed us.