From Lady Zones to Sharia Zones

“This post is the latest in an occasional series about why we at Gates of Vienna (and those in the larger movement) decided to enlist in the information war. What makes us don our virtual helmets, pick up our digital rifles, and jump over the parapet into the barbed wire and shell holes of no man’s land?

The answer naturally varies from individual to individual. Mine varies from day to day, depending on which aspect of Western Civilization I happen to be contemplating at any given moment. There is so much treasure here inside the walls of our citadel for the enemy to plunder or destroy. So much that will be lost when we are finally overrun, as Alexandria was overrun in 641 A.D. — libraries turned to ashes, churches in ruins, monasteries sacked, survivors enslaved…”

h/t JEH

  • Shebel

    Tomorrow—- I am having new windows installed in my house. ]
    It is expensive – but it keeps the wife happy.

    For me—-I have always being happy with the olde windows.

    I almost feel like a Traitor.

    • Remove all the windows and purify your conscience!

  • Shebel

    Will somebody please tell me to fuck-off ——-

  • Shebel

    The Time is coming to hold our Politicians to Account.
    I have no doubt about this.
    It is almost like they are blinded by the Light.

  • Shebel

    It is too bad that the so called Natives—-
    Don’t have enough Balls to give an Opinion.

    It is all about being a VICTIM.

    And stalking the deadly Beaver.