Canadians Want Our Citizens To Be Put First

Instead, the elites put more effort into helping those who break our laws than they ever do for our own citizens in need.

  • Uncommunist

    That includes so-called ‘Consevatives’, imo.

  • Gary

    Toronto cries poor as they give welfare to 300,000+ illegals while Wynne told them they would get free Health care. This year so far is setting a record for homeless deaths but John Tory is obsessed with Syrian refugees getting housing and welfare.

    Hamilton is a sanctuary city and becoming a hell-hole . islam is taking over and my guess is that it will be the first City with a huge Jihad terrorism act from the high number of Liberal progressive morons per square mile .

    • k2

      My question is at what point do the “refugees” become “normal” citizens and therefore lose all their privileges and status in this idiotic nation? Probably when (if, by some miracle) they start working or simply attempting to contribute to the society that they came to mulch off. An unlikely event, but still, one is curious ….

      • Gary

        There is scam going on by Immigrants and refugees. If they get a crooked Doctor to deem them to have a Disability they can go on ODSP which pays 2x what welfare does and give them more FREE stuff for drugs .
        But it get better……IF they don’t get their Citizenship they can get ODSP for life beyond 65 . If they get their Citizenship they are cut off at 65 and live in poverty as our Seniors do with CPP and OAS .

        This is why the Politicians go after the Immigrant votes and tell them that they can bring in relatives . Once here they fake a Disability and get over $1000.00 tax-free . As for refugees…once the first 12 months of Federal funding is over they are coached to bilk the local Social services and fake a Disability to get ODSP-4-life.
        John Tory was asked about this and didn’t denounce it . When you see someone in a new motorized chair that doesn’t really look disabled ….they are usually on ODSP which CUPE loves because it creates more Public sector jobs.

        Just watch how many Syrian refugees fake an accident and get a lawyer while filing for ODSP where they NEVER recover and get the $1000.00 a month plus Housing .

        Thank you Justin …..bring in more and fill up the Montreal stadium with 80,000 scam artist from the USA that walk across the border for the hand-outs.

    • reidjr

      Ottawa is going down the same path the latest projection is there is 100,000 illegals in the city and crime is up big time were on target to break the all time murder rate by oct.

      • Gary

        I heard one Police report of 2 women in the down town area that had a knife and would stab people at random . They were muslims but the Police said that they weren’t connect and there doesn’t seem to be a motive.

        Someone from Ottawa also pointed out that the record high Homicides were a majority of Somali’s doing the killing.

  • Gary


    I mentioned this before that these are Tourists . It was in 1985 that the Courts ruled in favour of a tourists that didn’t want to leave and got a Lawyer to fight for their right to access welfare and Legal aid .
    The Judge ruled that Tourists were a minority group in and thus protected by the Charter Of Rights for equal access to social programs.
    Politicians mocked those that were concerned and wanted to use the Not With Standing clause. We were told that people aren’t going to pour into Canada for the welfare and housing in the guise of Tourists.
    Well….we had about 30,000 Mexicans came to canada where 22,000 made a refugee claims to get welfare and housing.
    It costs us about $500 million a year for Tourists that don’t want to leave or just LIE to get in and say they are a refugee to get a free vacation and full dental coverage. Somehow we are not allowed to be pro-Canada and have Borders and a Culture but people coming in can have a culture to self-segregate and get money for their street festivals.

  • Liberal Progressive

    But we have to give undocumented people, refugees and recent immigrants who’ve come to Canada free government money, housing and healthcare first before those born here or we’re racist xenophobes.

    • Observer

      You must be Gerald Butts from the Prime Minister’s Office.

  • occupant 9

    The key point is that laws are for the law-abiding. If you’re not one of the law-abiding, don’t worry about it, Canada is foolish (nice) at a world-class level.

  • Dave

    “Canadians Want Our Citizens To Be Put First”
    I’ll wager it wasn’t the retarded f*cks that voted for the boy blunder that are saying this.

  • HalcyonDaze

    Sorry folks but this will never happen so long as the Fairy Prince remains on his personal quest to save his fathers legacy and regain the mythical grail of a part time seat on the UN Security council. Actually when you look at the lunacy of his quest, it’s alot like being a fat kid and spending every cent of your family’s money on big Mac’s just hoping to get a part time job at McDonalds so you can brag to your friends about having a job where get to ask people if they want fries with that.