Thank God They Have Gun Control: 550% Rise in Grenade Attacks in Sweden

The number of hand grenade attacks in Sweden has risen by 550 per cent in just three years, with police describing the situation as “completely unacceptable”.

Police data shows that in 2014 the Swedish force investigated eight grenade incidents, none of which involved a detonation.

But last year this figure inflated by a massive 550%, as officers saw a total of 52 grenade-related incidents, 27 of which involved detonations.

At first, the grenade attacks were mostly directed at cars and homes linked to criminals and their relatives  — but from two years ago perpetrators began to target the nation’s “society and state”, an expert at Sweden’s National Police Department told SVT.

One very worrying trend we’ve noticed is that from 2015, we started to see people throwing grenades at municipal buildings, police stations and police officers,” he said, lamenting how, as the number of attacks has increased, so has the number of people who have been injured.

“[Criminals] may have mistakenly targeted the wrong address, which has resulted in attacks on innocent families who have children, and there have been grenades hidden at kids’ playgrounds.

“There have been a number of cases in which grenades have been found by children, and it is rather surprising to us that there haven’t been more deaths,” the expert added.

According to Peter Hejdström, head of police investigation in Halmstad, the explosives  — which are typically thrown by hand  — are not a problem that is restricted to the big cities, as the widespread availability of grenades in Sweden means even rural areas have been affected.

Describing the number of grenade attacks as a “completely unacceptable situation for Sweden”,  an expert at NOA who wished to remain anonymous said, adding: “We are very serious about the problem.”

He told SVT: “It is impossible to say whether there are more grenade attacks in Sweden than in other European countries,” an expert at NOA who wished to remain anonymous told SVT.

“But you could say that the weapons are used here in a way that you do not see them used in any other country in Europe. We differ a lot in that regard.”

According to police, the majority of the grenades originate from former Yugoslavian countries, with the M75 and M52 being the models most frequently seen.

A eight-year-old “British citizen” (Ed: named Yuusuf Warsame) was killed last year while visiting family in the town of Gothenburg, when a hand grenade was tossed into the living room where he was sleeping.

In September, Breitbart London reported on how a migrant who fled the Somali Civil War 20 years ago said he was considering moving back to his homeland because Sweden has become a “war zone”.

Interviewed at a secret location, Dame said he and his family are on the run from criminal gangs that now rule the Gothenburg suburbs, telling Norwegian public broadcaster NRK: “It’s like a war zone. We do not know who gets shot. Bullets can hit you anywhere.”

And former soldiers now working in the police bomb disposal unit of Malmö, where 43 per cent of inhabitants have foreign backgrounds, have said the constant grenade attacks in Sweden’s third largest city remind them of the years they served in war-torn regions of Iraq.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Why handgrenades?
    Why Sweden?
    I know that in every case it’s muslims throwing them, but why that particular choice of weapon?
    Something makes grenades more attractive as a weapon than a gun, but seemingly ONLY in Sweden.

    • UCSPanther

      Apparently, the most common grenade encountered is a model that was built in Yugoslavia, and still being made by Macedonia and Serbia.

      There are quite a few “toys” left over from the Balkan wars, and a considerable number are no doubt hidden in the various “no-go” zones around Sweden.

      • Drunk by Noon ✓

        But why not a Kalashnikov or a pistol?
        Either are more lethal, assuming that you hit your target.
        I think there is something deeper here with that trend really only showing up in Sweden.

        • Bataviawillem

          It is because hand grenades are not covered by the gun control.
          “Last December, the government proposed tougher penalties (link in Swedish), which should take effect this July. The possession of explosives, such as grenades, would be penalized on the same scale as carrying firearms.”
          I can’t really find the differences in articles, but it boils down to, hand grenades are not weapons, they are covered by laws dealing with explosives for industrial use like dynamite.

          • Drunk by Noon ✓

            That MIGHT be a very good explanation!
            Getting caught with an unexploded hand grenade in Sweden might just not be that big of a legal deal, while getting caught with an AK-47 certainly would be.
            That would also be unlike most of the rest of the west, where getting caught with live grenades (destructive devices) is worse than getting caught with an illegal firearm.
            If so, that would be a situation UNIQUE to Sweden as the local law hasn’t caught up to the situation on the ground.
            I wonder how long before anti-grenade ordinances are considered “racist” because they disproportionately affect ‘immigrants of color’. We are talking about crazyland here where the full spectrum of crazy is always politically possible.

          • Bataviawillem

            It definitely is the reason, I read a lengthy article on it a few months ago but can’t find it back.

  • UCSPanther

    Those immigrants sure love to play high stakes games of “hot potato”….

  • I’ll admit that sometimes my math is poor but how the hell do you have 550 percent of anything and why would even moderate grenade usage be cool?

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      Five and a half times increase.
      You can increase by over 100%, you just cant decrease by over 100%.

      Even with us crazy Yanks who are in love with God and guns, instances of grenade attacks are essentially zero.

      • Perhaps five hundred percent increase in storms or something but grenades?

        Seriously, Sweden is just a nutty place.

  • Hard Little Machine

    So it’s the grenadiers behind all of this

  • WalterBannon

    must be climate change causing this

  • Gary

    Gee, what has changed in Sweden in the last 15 years where the Citizens are now doing this.

    Al Gore blames Global warming .