Muslim who plotted to blow up police headquarters boasted in jail that ‘only 15-year-olds have the balls to kill officers’

A man found guilty of plotting a terrorist attack was allegedly caught talking to a Goulburn inmate claiming only young boys had the balls to kill police.

Sulayman Khalid, 22, pleaded guilty to conspiring a terrorist attack on police, planned nearly three years ago, and now the wannabe cop killer has allegedly been caught claiming he only knows
’15-year-olds with balls’, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Khalid travelled to Goulburn on November 2, 2014, with three other men, a month before he was arrested for planning a terrorist act on government buildings, including police headquarters.

  • Gary

    Since the STAR and CBC are Khadrophilic to excuse away Omar’s murder ( plus his parents child-abuse to corrupt the children while not a word from the CAS ) by being a 15 year old child-soldier.

    That attitude sends a message to the sleeper cells in Canada that they can now use Child-soldiers to do terrorism in Canada since the CBC and STAR won’t hold a muslim child responsible for a Jihad no matter how many people are killed.
    We already had drug dealers in Welfare housing that use 12 year old boys to deliver their drugs because of the Young Offender Act .

    Now the terrorists see how 15 is the new 12 year old .

    • Good point, I’m certain they will go that route.