Liberals exiting off sinking ship

Kathleen Wynne – liar, thief, incompetent, dangerous ideologue

When populist and highly-respected veteran Ontario MPP Peter Kormos decided to retire in 2011 after 23 years in the legislature, I asked him why now. He answered that MPPs have no pension and that he needed to find a “real job” with pension benefits before he grew too old. He tragically died a few years later.

Undoubtedly, some of the MPPs who’ll pull the plug between now and the next June 2018 provincial election will do so for the same reasons as Kormos.

But when it comes to Liberals, don’t buy this excuse or the platitudinous of “spend(ing) more time with the family.” A stream of polls shows the Liberals are in big trouble. The latest one by Mainstream Research indicated that 49% of voters in the traditionally-rich Liberal territory of the city of Toronto support the Tories while 31% cheer on the Liberals and 19% back the NDP. Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne is even less popular.

Appealing as the premise may be it’s entirely possible we will not rid ourselves of the thieving Liberal party next election. Ontario is I believe near hopelessly compromised, a province of serfs, dependent on the whims of our kleptocrat class for crumbs.