Jihadi bride who ran away to Syria is banned from returning to UK

Teenage jihadi bride Aqsa Mahmood has been banned from re-entering the UK.

The former private schoolgirl is among 150 terror suspects who have been stripped of their British passport after joining Islamic State.

The move comes amid fears the collapse of IS will lead to an influx of dangerous militants from the region.

She’s no misguided teenager, she’s a psychopathic mohammedan

  • Alain

    At last a modicum of intelligence and common sense shown. I only hope they do not reverse this desision for whatever reason.

    • Pity the idiots in Ottawa lack common sense.

      • Alain

        No, they are all into post modernism where neither logic nor common sense are permitted.

  • Gary

    The CBC will now have a comedy Show called “The JihadiMooners” .
    I’m surprised that they didn’t copy the CTV hit by Brent Butt and make it about Palestinians running a gas station which the call Khorner Gaza .

  • Barrington Minge

    Makes total sense.