Hundreds of Muslim terrorists have returned to France from Syria & Iraq, minister says

Victim of Muslim terror attack in Nice France 2016

Hundreds of jihadi militants have returned to France from Iraq and Syria, France’s interior minister said on Sunday.

In an interview with French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche, Gerard Collomb said that an estimated 271 radical Islamists who fought for militant groups have returned from war zones after being members of the Islamic State militant group (ISIS).

The figure is made up of 217 adults and 54 minors, some of whom are in French detention, and all of whom are under security services surveillance, Collomb told the paper. The minister could not provide a precise figure on how many French nationals had been killed in Iraq and Syria, but estimated that as many as 1,900 French nationals were involved in radical Islamist activities in Iraq and Syria, according to interior ministry data as of mid-2016.