How the Ontario Liberals buried us in debt

In his April budget speech, Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa said the provincial budget would be balanced this year, next year, and the year after that.

He repeated the phrase “balanced budget” 10 times, adding “a balanced budget gives us the means to shape our future and build a fairer society.”

In Liberal speak, this means things like bigger pay raises for public servants, which Premier Kathleen Wynne has already seen to, so there won’t be any inconvenient labour disruptions heading into the June, 2018 election.

I think a better headline would be how the Liberal Party turned Ontario into a Kleptocracy.

  • BeukendaalMason

    Just remember.. its not your money in your pocket, its theirs, they just haven’t taxed it from you yet. I am not one for being a believer of conspiracy theories (they far too often target the wrong people), but it does seem there is a group trying to ruin all of the successful countries through unsustainable debt, welfare, and promotion of destructive cultures and far too many of them are the “leaders” of those countries.

    • DMB

      Ask yourself this who benefits from the financial insolvency of wealthy western governments. The answer is international banking and financial institution who our governments are in debt to. As the debt grows so does servicing the debt through interest payments. The financial institutions don’t lose either the government pays back the debt with interest or they default on the loan and the assets the government once controlled goes into private hands. Take Hydro One for example Wynne wants to privatize majority control of it just to pay off its debt which is a very short term fix for the government but a long term disaster for taxpayers. This scheme was devised by a TD bank former CEO.

  • Literally Hitler
  • Watchman

    But Turdeau said that the budget would balance itself!

    Or is that only under a ski-instructor leader?

  • Jaedo Drax

    At this point, it’s probably a good idea to increase spending even more, and get that debt ratio up, so that a bankruptcy is inevitable.

  • Waffle

    For a so-called Conservative-leaning newspaper, this statement is certainly sending a mixed message to the peasantry:

    “That’s $11.6 billion a year that doesn’t go to the purchase of more MRIs, improved public transit, better drug coverage under OHIP or lower taxes.”

    What the hell is the government doing in the business of owning MRI machines and other medical diagnostic equipment? Shouldn’t such enterprises be best left to the private sector? Perish the thought! Not in communist Canada.

  • How did the Liberal government drown everyone in debt?

    Mismanagement, incompetence and teachers’ unions.

    • Dotswords

      …..and paying Terrorists millions apparently

      • Oh, big time.

        • Dotswords

          enjoy your comments; do you have twitter name?