Yazidis Who Survived 2014 Massacre Still Suffering

WASHINGTON — Members of the Yazidi religious community in Iraq and around the world commemorated the third anniversary Thursday of the massacre of thousands of civilians in their historic homeland, Sinjar, at the hands of Islamic State group militants.

Amid expressions of grief and calls for action by the international community, Yazidi officials said the tragedy their minority group suffered in Iraq in 2014 continues: Thousands who disappeared while IS extremists were in control are still missing, and large numbers of other Yazidis who fled for their lives have not been able to return.

“The IS genocide against our people continues to this day,” said Vian Dakhil, a Yazidi member of the Iraqi parliament. “We need the international community to support us in starting a new beginning.”

  • BillyHW

    That the international community allows any muslims to live anywhere is an insanity.

    What the muslims did to the yazidis they will do to us if we don’t pre-emptively solve this problem.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The international community follows the money and doesn’t give a shit about the Yazidis.

  • Gary

    I’ll never forget the day in the House when Justin’s muslms MP’s cheered and clap when he said he wouldn’t take in the girls as refugees.
    F’in selfish scum that will make canadan an islamic hell-hole. We took them in or maybe their parents as refugees but now these knuckle dragging sloth parasites cheer as the Muslims brothers in ISIS emulate their prophet and rape little girls.

    • When Trudeau was shamed into letting a minuscule amount of Yazidis in, Trudeau didn’t show up for selfies.

      He is such a piece of sh–.