When They Hate You So Much That They Will Go Back To Your High School and Interview The Jocks and Mean Girls Who Will All Say How Uncool You Were

When Santa Monica High School’s Class of 2003 signed each other’s yearbooks, they likely never imagined one of their own would become a key player in the White House. Much less the White House of President Donald Trump.

But Stephen Miller, 31, is a member of that class — and his peers in the liberal, well-heeled city of Santa Monica are mystified at how he became the White House senior adviser who crafted many of Trump’s most contentious policies, including the controversial travel bans.

“We don’t usually talk about other high school people,” classmate Jenness Hartley told TheWrap. “But now we’re like dude, Stephen Miller, what the f—?!”

“This young man was lucky he wasn’t beat up,” Oscar de la Torre, a former counselor and now school board member, told TheWrap. “He was very offensive.”

“We didn’t like him,” former classmate Natalie Flores said. “He was rude, he was racist, he was a misogynist, he was absolutely obnoxious.”

“I don’t think I realized how hateful Stephen’s views back then were, mostly because I didn’t think anyone could really take him seriously,” Nick Silverman wrote on his Facebook page recently.

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