Top journalist sues Time magazine for ‘sex and age discrimination’

The co-founder of the Women’s Equality party, Catherine Mayer, is suing her former employer, Time magazine, for gender and age discrimination, making the weekly favoured by President Donald Trump the latest major media company to be embroiled in accusations of institutional sexism.

The case comes soon after publication of BBC salaries provoked outrage at both gender and race gaps in pay, and a year after a series of high-profile sexual harassment cases plunged US TV giant Fox News into turmoil.

  • andycanuck

    WTF are they talking about? TIME has been liberal for a long, long time now so I doubt they’re pro-Trump in any way.

  • Here is the new scam- same as the old scam. Instead of writing what people want to read, you natter on about whatever figment of your socially maladjusted imagination you think they OUGHT to be CONCERNED with. Then when the public stays away from you boring screeds in droves and your publisher tells you he won’t be buying any more of it, you accuse them of discriminating against you because you are (choose one) black, female, gay, lesbian, Asperger’s, or allergic to peanut butter. In this day and age, you’ll win every time. On the other hand, your writing will still only be fit to line the bottom of the budgerigar cage.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    What? You mean there are people who still read Time?

    • ChiTowndemrevenuestream


  • David Murrell

    I like it when left-liberals fight each other.

    • Editor

      Probably because they can’t find any true injustice or oppression in their world so they either have to make it up, like manspreading, mansplaining, the pay gap, etc or, baring that, start fighting among themselves.

  • Clausewitz

    Welcome to the world of the post 50 year old white male. Sucks, doesn’t it.