Security footage clears USC student of rape charges

A University of Southern California student has been cleared of rape charges after security footage showed his accuser leading him back to her dorm room and making gestures indicating that she wanted to have sex with him.

Arman Premjee, 20, was accused of sexual assault after another student, 19, said he raped her in her dorm room.

Prosecutors charged Premjee with rape, claiming the alleged victim was too drunk to give consent.

But security footage from both the club they were at and the woman’s dorm shows that Premjee was not the aggressor.

USC is still considering expelling him. Video at link. So even though she’d happily have ruined his life, I guess they won’t be charging the bitch.

(What is the logic here? If a woman is unconscious, okay, obviously she can’t give consent. Drunk? So if the man is drunk doesn’t that mean he can’t give consent either? If two drunk people hook up are they raping each other? Unless women are, you know, psychological infants who can’t be held accountable the way men are. When they take someone back to their dorm room. When they have false charges filed against him. Is that what you’re saying, lefties?)