Rex Murphy: Canada so ripe with green activism old-fashioned employment has gone out of fashion

It’s more than a touch odd or distressing how a project with an overall budget of some $36 billion — billion! — can get cancelled these days, and not kick up as much interest or internet play as, say, Justin Trudeau showing up on the cover of (the much diminished of late) Rolling Stone. Yet this appears the case with the Pacific Northwest liquified natural gas (LNG) plant in British Columbia, undertaken by the Malaysian company Petronas some years back, and now, despite early expenditures of some billions, cancelled for good.

  • ontario john

    We don’t need resource development here in Sunny Ways Canada. Everyone can work for the government. Don’t forget we have that famous money tree. Yes the environmental loons and whiny indians will make sure nothing is taken out of the ground. Everyone in B.C. can sit around camp fires, and worship the sacred tree frog with the indians and leftist nut cases.

    • I knew Justin would save us!

    • Bla Bla

      Camp fires spew CO2 and particulates. So no fires! Just freeze to death in the winter because the new Lysenko science demands your sacrifice to the alter of big green.
      Remember this, stalin had no problem in exporting grain to the world while the Ukraine starved to death. The same thing with electricity is happening in ontario where the people get punishing electrical rates while the criminal wynne exports electricity to other provinces/states for free (or less than free).

      • Maggat

        As an East coast Islander I see the Interior is taking revenge on our (not my) vote by sending a huge cloud of forest fire smoke to blanket our once clean and pure shiny air.

        • Bla Bla

          Indeed. It goes to say that the real world will reek havoc whenever it feels it should no matter what some whack job in a position of power says. These environmentalists of today should be locked up beside the guy yelling out that he is Napoleon as they fail to grasp the reality of the world and continuously try to substitute it with their machinations of madness.

  • ntt1

    international gas prices have dropped due to over supply created by fracking. the northern gas development was no longer economically viable perhaps due to Indian/green swamp creatures demands , and the high coast of building the site.
    Site C dam is being built to supply the huge energy requirements of gas liquification and that is directly threatened by the watermelon alliance of greens and socialists.
    The smaller project on Howe sound is still going ahead for now but it is a much more viable project being built on the bones of the old woodfibre plant, it already has self generated power ,a passing gas line link to Vancouver Island,deep sea access and local support apart from a few limousine socialists living in lions bay . but even this project could fizzle if gas prices continue to drop.

  • Spatchcocked

    Fucking Luddite greenies. We’re shagged here in BC. All fucking Island dwellers holding the province hostage.

    • Bla Bla

      Indeed… seems to be a pattern Canada wide – the tyranny of the vote concentrated cities holding the rest of the country hostage. Even though those of us who don’t subscribe to the death cult of neo-marxism want to work, we can’t because they hold the entire nation hostage through the ever promise of more ‘free shit’ to the losers who vote for them. At this stage, it’s pretty obvious we no longer live in a free country and that suits the rulers fine.

    • Maggat

      Steady on now Spatchcocked, this Islander didn’t as did a hell of a lot of other islanders vote for the job killers. The win was decided largely in part due to the P.E.T ruling decades ago to allow the snivel service to unionize. Hence the large Island and Vancouver vote you correctly point out, gov’t unions.

    • Maggat

      Now the Electoral College in the USA starts to make sense, doesn’t it?

      • Minicapt

        Nope, the EC should be a direct election of the electors as distributed in the State’s Congressional Districts, which we already do by electing an MP in each Riding.


  • Exile1981

    The other LNG plant that was sn Apache / encana joint venture was cancelled over a year ago. The biggest issues is no one can get the natives and bc gov’t to not demand 80% of the profits in exchange for the land crossing rights. with a new gov’t in bc it will get worse.