‘Muslim’ Statue of Liberty painting in congressman’s office draws controversy

Muslim desecration of Statue of Liberty

Because Muslims are so welcoming of immigrants – especially non-Muslims – you have to wonder why this painting of the Statue of Liberty with Lady Liberty wearing a hijab has become so controversial.

I mean, really. Anyone who can’t see the propriety of depicting the symbol of welcome for immigrants dressed as a Muslim is just an Islamophobe.

  • tom_billesley

    It’s a symbol of a Free Republic. If the ides is to use it as a symbol of welcome to mahometans, perhaps it should be put in front of the NYC Department of Social Services.

    • It’s a disgusting act given how hateful Muslims states are against their religious and ethnic minorities, violent persecution of “others” is built into the death cult of Islam.

    • mobuyus

      She should be derobed so as all could see the sexiness of her hacked off clitoris.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Harsh but true.

  • Why not appropriate this French work of art? It’s not like Islamists and liberals could produce better.

    Perhaps one could depict Mohammed crossing the Delaware River?

    • Exile1981

      I had to go through MSP airport… with a 3hr lay over. If i wanted to see walking garbage bags and poor hygene I would go back. As it was the lay over was 2hrs and 48minutes to long.

  • Bla Bla

    Man, such blatant lies and bullshit. One just has to look any of the muslim majority countries of the world to see how muslims treat non-muslims. Damn, even as a minority they are causing no end to problems, one only has to look at france, germany, uk, or sweden to see the rich diversity of terrorist activities that go on every other week over there.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Don’t worry soon de Blasio will have it dismantled because she’s not gay and Mexican enough

  • Gary

    Muslims tried to blow-up the Statue Of Liberty in 1964. But islams Muslims Brotherhood didn’t poison the USA until the mid 1950’s where their plan was to exploit the ignorant and angry blacks in ghettos to blame all their problems on the white people as oppressors and the devil.
    The Nation Of islam popped up in the City ghettos and relied of useful idiots to buy that story that blacks belong to islam while whites and jews have their faiths.
    It was 9/11/01 that showed blacks that islam was now screwing them over as whites died with them because of the quranic verses to kill ALL non-muslims if they don’t covert or accept a tax in the Caliphate.
    The Black Panthers was the militant wing for the Nation Of islam which was use in the bombing plot.

    Today we see how CAIR uses taqiyyah to fool the ignorant while youths while they target the angry poor white and socially inept to present is;lam as the answer where everything is fair and all are equal. Timothy McVeigh was recruited by the Sunni muslims in Saudi Arabia when he did his Tour Of Duty there because they knew that many poor people joined the Military and were angry just like blacks. His wife was tied to a terrorist group in her homeland . The media refused to report the whole story and still wont because muslims love to hold up McVeigh as their Poster Person for a white terrorist that wasn’t a muslims. But he was islamophilic and exposed to quranic hatred for his nation that cause his plight and the rich kid got the good education and jobs. The CBC and STAR still won’t tell the whole story about Maher Arar based on the evidence from the Inquiry that I watched on CPAC each night. The biggest fraud for Arar was his new version of what happened to him in 2002 when he landed at JFK because his 2003 Lawsuit against Jordan for torture was tossed out by December that year.
    The Judge ruled that his Charter Rights don’t go with him when he leaves Canada and that Jordan does not have to obey Canadian laws inside their borders.

    Here’s the CBC’s 2003 coverage and yet in 2005 the CBC reported how Arar was nabbed in New York and flown to Syria to be tortured. They reported he was torture in Jordan and flown there first for 14 days….but the CBC
    changed the story to aid in his $400,000,000.00 lawsuit against Canada and to bash the USA.


    Arar’s 14 days in Jordan had vanished while the NDP and CBC didn’t care.

    It’s really the Roach Motel where you convert into islam but can’t get out alive unless you go into hiding or have security. Pretty rich for muslims in the USA to claim they live in fear from islamophobia when they use the same quran as Hamas and ISIS.