Local Islamophobe sues Dearborn Heights to “stop sharia”

Not only a local Islamophobe but a “right-wing Zionist”

  • Maurice Miner

    OK, now I am officially stunned, fucked, and amazed…

  • Martin B

    Dearborn Heights.
    Proof that once the Muzz reach critical mass in any Western jurisdiction, quaint concepts like equality under the law no longer apply.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I am waiting for the Dearborn area to become a no-go zone.

  • Gary

    We had that Sikh get off the DWI charge because his turban fell off and wasn’t returned by the cop for safety reasons.
    The Judge found the drunk that was addicted to alcohol as being a devout Sikh that had his faith values violated by the Cop that kept his Turban .
    Yes folk….drunk Sikh’s are a sign of a devout follower of Sikism and even if they become suicidal and want the hang them self….don’t you dare take away the same Turban they may use during their hanging.

    Don’t forget , when a muslim beats his wife and killing his daughter that is also a sign of being devout in the eyes of a Judge.

    Because it’s 2017 .

  • Shebel

    Tomorrow— I get to meet my Cousin that lives in Dearboun, Michigan.
    I must be on my best behavior.

    All I know is that she Hates Trump and thinks Obama is a Saint.

    Maybe we should just talk the weather.

  • Shebel

    This really is funny. Especially for me. .

    My Daughter just came back from the Highland Games.
    She was shocked to find out that most of the family DESPISE Justin.
    She was in God’s Country.



  • Shebel

    This is a wee bit of footage of the Heiland Highland Whoring Games–


  • Shebel

    This is just for all you LBGT fags and Darkies in Toronto—


    • Maurice Miner

      Not impressed in the slightest – all these trannies wearing skirts?