How interfaith dialogue works in Muslim states….

Following Clerics’ Fatwa, Somaliland Halts Re-opening of Catholic Church

HARGEISA (Somali Update Online) — Somalia’s breakaway region of Somaliland put a proposed reopening of 70-year-old Catholic church on halt following protests by religious clerics and local community in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland.

The re-opening of the church became controversial and attracted public outrage after an Italian aid worker and Christian volunteer Maria Vechhinno announced two weeks ago that she has volunteered on the work to renovate the church which she said would serve for the Christians in Somaliland.

The Italian woman who was on humanitarian aid mission to Somaliland made the announcement during a volunteer conference in Hargeisa.

  • ontario john

    Perhaps someone could ask the imams about this, at the Muslimfest in Mississauga today.

    • Gary

      In 2006 , I saw the Muslmfest website that had a notice by CAIR that donating the Zakat to the fund to help Hezballah was Halal and legal Revenue Canada.
      There was also an islamic website outside of Canada that promoted CAIR’s Workshop that educated muslim youth on their duty to do dawah and Jihad in Canada. There was soft-jihad to help spread sharia while while offensive Jihad could be violence or martyrdom to claim canada for islam .

      Nobody in the Media or Liberal party cared when I contacted them . Carolyn Parrish was the Liberal MP for Erin Mills . But once I saw the jew-hating homophobic Saudi Omar Alghabra win the MP seat it all made sense that liberal were in bed with the islamists.
      McGuinty and Wynne along with the Human Rights Commission approved the homophobic jew-hating Mosque in the Valley Park PUBLIC school whie the PEEL school board is approving another Jew-hating anti-west Mosque for the muslim students .

      Terrorism works.

  • Alain

    There is no “interfaith dialogue” in any Muslim controlled state or region; there is only conversion to Islam, total submission or death.