Did You Know that ‘Cosmopolitan’ Has an ‘Ugly History’?

‘We will achieve abundance’ promises a propaganda poster of 1949. But by 1952 most free Soviet citizens shared the same diet as the inhabitants of the Gulag

Oddly enough it was popularized by one of the left’s fave idols – Stalin

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    So a Jew (Miller), called a non-Jew (Acosta), a pejorative once used by Stalin against Intelectual Jews that didn’t follow the Communist Party line.
    “That’s more proof that Trump is an anti Semite, and that he comes from a “dark place”!”
    Screw these assholes. They have descended into the realm of just making things up now.
    Have these people no sense of irony or self awareness, at all, on ANY level?

  • Waffle

    Helen Gurley Brown turned a bland homemaking mag into a sexy “must read” for girls on the go in the 60s and later, somebody invented a tasty drink by the same name — don’t forget the lime juice for that added spike.

  • simus1

    In USSR heavenly Russian Rye Bread was heavily subsidized to assist the poor but shelves were bare most of the time.
    Bread was diverted to feed dairy cows on state farms so milk quota was met.

    • Alain

      Yeah, I guess it was just a case of centralised planning not being done right, eh?

  • Minicapt
    • simus1

      Those were very “ugly cosmopolitans” indeed.

  • andycanuck

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