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Dice: Stephen Miller Flips Over Table in Outburst – (Actual Media Claim on CNN – Try not to smile or laugh)

CNN is stressing hard and Mark Dice has it all. From Dice: White House advisor Stephen Miller, who humiliated CNN’s Jim Acosta earlier this week, flipped over a table in a fit of rage, CNN is reporting. Also here is some rare footage of Stephen Miller that recently surfaced you need to see.

Don Macpherson: The wrong kind of Quebecers

In the rest of Canada, to paraphrase the father of the present prime minister, the state has no place at the breakfast tables of the nation. In Quebec, however, the language of breakfast is public business.

And StatsCan reported that the proportion of Quebecers who speak French at home had fallen — by six-tenths of a percentage point, to 86.4 per cent.

The horror. At this rate, Quebecers with French as their home language will be in the minority in only 304 years.

Vox Says Media Coverage Of Trump Is Not Hysterical Enough

There’s a norm in American political journalism that requires journalists to generally be unfazed by the political disputes they cover — the job of a journalist is to remain neutral and unemotional in the face of America’s political screaming matches. That norm stems from a desire to have journalists remain objective, even during heated political disputes. And it’s produced a kind of detached, even-keeled form of news speak — think of the way Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, and Lester Holt deliver the news.

That tone might be appropriate in normal political disputes, but in the Trump era, it’s made news coverage feel totally inadequate. Many of the news stories of the past few months haven’t been normal; they’ve represented significant breakdowns in democratic norms.

Di soun in di city

Caribbean culture has become so influential in the city that bits of the patois language and the accent that goes with it have filtered down to much of the rest of the population, including Drake, creating what both linguists and visitors to the city notice as a very distinctly suburban Toronto sound. South Asians in Mississauga respond to questions with ahlie as an affirmation or to state skepticism. Croatians in Malvern will say from time in reference to something that happened long ago. Somalis in Rexdale will greet each other with a wah gwan? rather than asking what’s up.

Conrad Black: Aboriginals deserve a fair deal, but enough with us hating ourselves

It is surely time for a serious, non-partisan, open-minded public policy discussion of the subject of Indigenous people. I believe there is a very strong consensus that everyone wishes them well; most people acknowledge that the native people have some legitimate grievances and want to address them, and almost everyone acknowledges that official policy in this area has been unsuccessful. And a great many people are tired of the issue and impatient for a change in the ambiance of ever-greater expense and more militantly expressed native grievances.

Poll: Everyone Prefers Working With Men

One in five men said they preferred working with men. Men with less education are more likely to say so. Among men who said they preferred working with their own gender, 24% had only a high-school diploma, 20% had some college, and 16% had a college degree or more.

The stats are about the same for women who prefer working with men, at 21%. Of those women, 24% had gone through high school, and 21% had gone through some college. Seventeen percent had college or more.

Even though everyone wants to work with men, Business Insider’s Rachael Levy still managed to spin this into a story of male bashing.

Muslims in Quebec City finally get land for burials

Quebec City’s Muslim community will now have a place to bury their loved ones, after the city announced Friday it has conditionally accepted an offer from the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre to buy land near a well-known local cemetery.

The land is the site of a former snow dump next to the Notre-Dame-de-Belmont cemetery, close to the centre, the mosque where six men were killed in a shooting in January.

Quebec City Mayor Régis Labeaume made the announcement Friday morning at a news conference at city hall.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Goes Public on Her Scandal and the Interview Is a Doosie

For some months scandal has been swirling about Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her bizarre and inexplicable conduct concerning the activities of “IT staff” hired by a cabal of House Democrats. Her covering for these people extended to openly threatening the Capitol Police because they were investigating the theft of House computers. Despite being banned from having access to House IT equipment and being under investigation for stealing computer equipment, the ringleader, Imran Awan, was only fired last week when he was arrested while trying to flee the country after having wired $283,000 to Pakistan.

City of Calgary tries to explain why they spent $500,000 on four rusty-looking tall thingies – and mounds dirt

It doesn’t take long to find out. Of course. I should have known. Public art paid for by Calgary taxpayers.

And what’s the total tab? A half-million bucks. $500,000. Is that how much rusty-looking tall thingies go for these days?

By the way, the four rusty-looking tall thingies are called Bowfort Towers. I could have sworn they were known as Stuff Left Over After Construction.

Sarah Iley is here from the city. She’s head of the city’s art and culture, no doubt a very small department.

She is very nice and she will tell us what those rusty-looking tall thingies are supposed to be, besides being rusty-looking tall thingies.

These are sentinels and they “act as a gateway into the city.” So Sarah says.

The World The Libs Would Build

Princeton University is looking to hire a “men’s engagement manager” to exorcise the campus from “aggressive masculinity.” In college-speak “aagressive or hyper masculinity” means “any masculinity.” Colleges are down on masculinity.

It makes one wonder what kind of world our leftid brain trust would build for us, if only we’d just shut up and let ‘em do it. What kind of cage would they put up around us, if they could—and call it “justice”? It takes liberals to discredit a fine old world like “justice.”