Canada’s getting its very own sanctuary city crisis

Half a year ago, Justin Trudeau took to social media to invite the world’s aspiring refugees to come to Canada. In a not-so-subtle jab against our closest ally and trading partner, Trudeau’s invitation came on the same day that Donald Trump introduced his ham-fisted travel ban.

In the weeks and months that followed, Canada experienced an unprecedented surge in illegal border crossing and asylum claims.

In the wake of this chaos, more delirious Liberal virtue-signalling ensued.

  • Gary

    Check out today’s STAR front page. They are painting the illegals in the USA as victims that had to flee to Canada to escape Trump’s oppression where he wants to bring back Borders , Culture and Language to be a Nation once more.

    These are Haitians that come from the very homophobic culture where one of the Singers from there was protested for coming to Canada by his lyrics that attacks gays .
    But hey…. they hate Trump and somehow the Rainbow groups in Canada as well as Susan G Cole will welcome them to the gay Villages and Canada in general by the shared hated .
    That’s why Justin took in over 24,000 Jew-hating homophobic muslim refugees with not one word from gays and Jewish groups.

      • Gary

        I watched the Trudeau interview and he makes no sense. He agrees he told people to come to canada where they are welcomed…but then changes the topic to Legal Immigration when they are “refugees” walking in that are equal to the 25,000 that came by plane.

        I do love how the Liberals condemn the 3rd nation rule. It was Jean Chretien that send John Manley to DC to sign that 3rd nation rule that was a deal he cut with Bush.
        Bush didn’t want US soldiers to enter canada for a refugee claim from Iraq as deserters . So he helped Chretien look like he didn’t join the Iraq war by sending more Canadian troops to Afghanistan to free-up p US troops to go to iraq.
        That’s why when Olivia Chow tried to help a female deserter stay in Canada , by coaching her to have a baby , it failed and she was deported back home.
        That was a scam by the anti-war people in CUPE and the NDP. Olivia Chow claimed that the Canadian baby shouldn’t be ripped away from it’s place of birth. But the female soldier had 2 American child back home in school and had friends locally. Chow wanted her husband and 2 children to come to Canada and live with her to make it tougher to deport them once the media covered the story.

        So Chow was okay with ripping 2 American children from their schools and friends to move up to a new nation , but it’s wrong to rip 1 baby from canada that has no close friends but 2 brothers back in the USA.

        Chretien made the 3rd nation rule. Canada has a Medal for the forces that served in iraq …but don’t tell the CBC or STAR because they keep boasting how Chretien kept Canada out of the iraq war.

        • DMB

          Justin has no intellectual grasp on anything. He only virtual signals. Anything that comes out of his mouth that isn’t based on fluff comes from G.M. Butts. Don’t expect Justin to make sense on anything when speaking off script.

      • DMB

        Somalians hate Eritreans and vise versa. I wonder if the feeling is the same if not soon between Somalians and Haitians. He probably thinks Haitians will outrank Somalians in the victim category.

      • Bla Bla

        Looks like tali-trudeau needs to pull this minister aside and remind him of his obligations to the globalist movement.

      • PaxCan

        He can tell them but they won’t listen. The law is on the migrants’ side, not ours.

        Which is why we have to change the laws. First would be to repeal the Singh decision. If we did that then we wouldn’t need a Safe-Third-Country Agreement with the U.S.

        Otherwise we need to close the obvious loophole in that agreement.

        However, the the Somali Immigration Minister is an immigration lawyer by training and in an inherent conflict of interest. Any changes to our asylum laws that would strengthen the integrity of our borders would be bad for his business.

    • marty_p

      The Toronto Star and Crescent is in full form today – they are orgasmic with joy that Montreal/Canada is being flooded with Blacks & Muslims.
      Bibi Netanyahu’s son refused to pick up doggie doo – women are being raped in the Arab world – but an arrogant asshole son of the Israeli PM is more newsworthy – a prime opportunity for the Star to continue its pastime of bash Israel and of course Trump is the devil incarnate.

      • PaxCan

        Last I checked TorStar stock was at $1.29.

        Penny stock when?

    • UCSPanther

      It’s getting to the point where you can have gay rights, or you can have migrants, but not both…

  • Millie_Woods

    I hope they all plan on voting to separate.

    • Cat-astrophe

      I doubt they are THAT stupid…..

  • ontario john

    I would like to know how much it is costing taxpayers, for feminist Trudeau to fly all over the country every day of the year for photo ops. He is on this way to B.C. today to talk to whiny indians.

  • Cat-astrophe

    At the risk of becoming repetitive; How can people become so bloody stupid?

    • They are conditioned to respond in a knee jerk manor if doing so feels good.

    • DMB


  • Dana Garcia

    Don’t tell the Mexicans that Canada’s welcome mat is out for all the world’s downtrodden.

  • Sid Falco

    Ahmed Hussein talking tough when it’s infidels arriving.

    • Bla Bla

      Good point! Bet he would be damn quiet if quebec was getting invaded by thousands of his islamic brothers.

  • andycanuck

    Not really.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Can’t wait for the NAFTA talks to start again. The USA will likely be very careful to ensure that Canada respects its own laws vis-a-vis its trade policies with refugee-producing countries like the USA. Canuckistani sheeple should research how Turdeau is shooting Canada in the head with this crap. Canadians will suffer, and deservedly so, for smearing the USA in this manner.

    • Bla Bla

      Apparently, canadians don’t learn. Even with the world wide web at their finger tips… We are going to get a crash course in virtue signaling economics soon and it’s going to hurt real bad.

      • Justin St.Denis

        I suspect that most – including our clueless PM Turdeau – will be SURPRISED at the bitch-slapping they get. Sad.

  • tom_billesley

    Has Justin said it yet?: “Wir schaffen das”.

  • PaxCan

    It should be noted illegal border crossings spiked immediately after the Liberals were elected and well before Trump assumed the White House. Indeed, Trump wasn’t even expected to win being considered the long-shot by all the right thinkers. This crisis has more to do with Trudeau in the PMO than it does with Trump in the Oval Office.

    This tells us these economic migrants saw a sucker in Trudeau and the LPC and Harper and the CPC were a deterrent.

    This crisis has Trudeau’s name written all over it and is illustrative of the chaos his virtue-signalling do-goodery generates for us Canadians. He is unfit to be PM.