The failure of liberalism

“…A liberal is incapable, and possibly unwilling, to understand that there are people on the globe whose world of ideas differs from his. That is why liberals comfort themselves with the words MK Ilan Gilon (Meretz) said when denigrating my opinions: “Everyone wants more happiness and less suffering.”  Everyone, according to Gilon, includes Muslims and religious Jews,. He refuses to accept the fact that for believers, religious commandments are more important than their personal and collective happiness, that they are willing to suffer while performing Heavenly commandments, convinced that it is His will. Adding to happiness and reducing suffering are on the bottom of their wish list.

Every time I am interviewed by the media, I try to convince listeners that the basis of the conflict between our neighbors and ourselves is a religious one; because the Islamic religion sees Judaism as a false religion, meaning that the Jews have to be dependent on Muslim mercies and cannot be masters of themselves. The religious theme does have a nationalist element – our neighbors do not accept the definition of the Jews as a people but see them as discrete communities belonging to whatever country they are in, those countries to which the Jews presently in Palestine must return.”