One of The Few Sources of Forbidden Knowledge Still Out There The Gutenberg Project

Now available in PDF (Adobe Reader) but also MOBI (Kindle) and EPUB and plain text for you old school types.

All books are free and they are a really great resource for contemporaneous observations unfettered by political correctness, which is why almost NONE of these books will ever be put back into print. Many are just too ‘problematic’, yet fascinating all-the-same.

Take a look! It’s over 55,000 books and growing daily and they are all searchable. Quite the resource I say!

Following the Color Line by Ray Stannard Baker

Take it in and gaze in wonderment!

Definitely check it out, poke around, read some stuff by people that were writing contemporaneously about event before the naritive demanded to be changed.

  • xavier

    Yup. Known it for years. It’s quite good for English language publications. The other languages are bit hit and miss
    For a good one in French bibliotheque electronique quebecoise

  • marty_p

    Another great source for books – download a free torrent search engine called Bit Che:
    Search for the title or topic you want and suffix the search with .epub

    Download Calibre – the free ebook converter that converts any ebook format to any ebook format: