Necessary Lessons for Western Survival: Knowing the Islamic Doctrines of Deception

Unless the politics of France, Germany, and Sweden change dramatically in the next six years, only the most severe military and police actions will be able to save their countries and people from violent civil war threatening complete Islamic conquest. They are now in the grip of tightening Islamic Civilization Warfare, and their leaders are responding by accommodation to Islam and its culture, even criminalizing criticism of Islam. Accommodation and appeasement only facilitate their ultimate defeat and its unthinkable consequences. Yet they remain blind to the dangers of massive Muslim migration, which are clearly and abundantly evident in the sacred doctrines of Islam, 1,400 years of Islam’s history, and escalating violence and terrorism everywhere Islam encroaches on Western Civilization. Other Western nations, including the United States, Canada, and the UK are not that far behind France, Germany, and Sweden in their potential to transform prosperity and freedom into a desperate and nightmarish struggle to fend off Islamic Jihad.