Merkel told Trump she regrets opening borders to “migrants” according to leaked transcripts

ANGELA Merkel sensationally told Donald Trump she “wishes” she hadn’t let more than a million migrants into Germany, according to leaked transcripts of a call between the US President and the Australian leader.

  • jayme

    If that was a mistake or miscalculation on her part, I doubt there have been few if any blunders in human history that have led to such devastating and lasting consequences.

  • Dana Garcia

    There’s nothing more dangerous than a do-gooder liberal in a position of power.

    Merkel delivered the ultimate stab in the back to European civilization by admitting the enemy inside the gates. Survival looks doubtful.

    • It was absolute insanity.

    • Editor

      Hopefully, that’s how history will remember her.

  • John

    The only regret she has. Is the effect on Brexit. Which in her eyes was to do with timing.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    They used Hitler’s frozen sperm to create Angela Merkel…..

    • Dana Garcia

      Unfortunately the real Hitler admired Islam’s military nature and had plenty of muslim soldiers acting as allies.

    • What has the Jew got to do with it at the end of the video? This video must have been produced by an anti-Semite. I think if Hitler had arisen today, he would not have thought the Jews of any danger to Germany. He would have been against the manifest threat of the Muslims. 25% of German nationals are now foreigners (mostly Turks and other Muslims). That’s not a minority like the Jews, that’s an invasion. Jews have only brought good to Germany.

      • simus1

        Hitler’s professed muslimophilia probably had a number of motives. Outraging the hidebound movers and shakers in Vienna society by rattling their cages and creating a stir focusing attention on himself was likely one.

        • Tooth&Claw

          Hitler was a tweaker, his judgement was severely impaired.

        • Hitler’s main motive in everything he did was anti-Semitism. The book War Against the Jews 1933-45 (by Davidowiz) is really worth reading in this respect.

  • Merkel deserves to hang. She has destroyed her country (not to mention all the German girls raped and others murdered), and Europe.

  • Ego

    A quisling sorry for her deeds in private, that’s rich.
    If she is so sorry, why whisper into a phone mouthpiece? Say it out loud, you traitor, and suffer the consequences.

  • If she has admitted, even privately, that blanket immigration was bad for Germany, why does she still allow it?

  • SMC_BC

    The most amazing thing about Merkel is that no one has shot her.

  • simus1

    Telling obvious lies is a cultural thing among many from the east. I would expect die merklebeest is now much more familiar with the custom as it goes well beyond the simple political norms practiced by her in earlier times.