Dad of soldier killed serving in Afghanistan wants sit-down with PM over Khadr disgrace

He had time to oversee Omar Khadr’s $10.5-million pay out and apology.

Time for foreign superstars Bono and The Edge on Canada Day and the Aga Khan for Christmas in the Bahamas. He also had to time to boast about his political acumen to Rolling Stone Magazine.

What Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has not had time to do is respond to the father of a fallen Canadian soldier in Afghanistan who can’t believe Khadr – similar to a teen who killed his son – is made a millionaire while the lives of their victims’ families remain shattered.

“I feel Khadr committed treason and should be tried for it,” said Fred McKay. “ I sent Prime Minister (Justin) Trudeau a letter July 7 (through his office’s Facebook page) and I have not heard back.”