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Same-sex marriage more popular than ever in Canada

Laura and Jen O’Connor got married for all the romantic, fairy-tale reasons: after seven years together, they were deeply in love and wanted to start a family. But on another level, they thought it might just make their life together a little easier.

After all, being gay comes with its own unique set of challenges — challenges they hoped might be easier to navigate if they shared a last name.

Calgary Circle the Wagons festival organizers vow rebranding over ‘offensive’ name

Circle the Wagons, a “traveling food, beer and music carnival,” first launched in 2014 as a collaborations between Village Brewery, YYCFoodTrucks and BassBus, is gearing up for its fourth annual festival next month.

But as it kicks off in Currie Park in southwest Calgary Sept. 9, co-founder Jim Button said they will first be taking to the stage to announce a new name after hearing from members of the Indigenous community who were concerned the term “circle the wagons” hearkens back to a painful era of North American colonialism.

Media Criticism: The Washington Post Has Run Three ‘Chill Out About Justin Trudeau’ Pieces In Five Days

“Although Trudeau has proved to be a powerful public relations coup for my country, the political erotica now streaming from the southern border is embarrassing, shallow and largely misses the mark” wrote Jen Gerson, an Alberta-based journalist in The Washington Post Monday. Gerson feels that type of “political journalism only makes it harder to hold the man to account.”

Gerson held back very few punches in her critique of Trudeau, hitting him from both the left and the right.

Why Canada would be directly in the way of a North Korean nuclear war

Now that North Korea has developed missiles that can hit the eastern United States, it also means that any missile attack would spend much of its flight time over Canadian soil.

Given Canada’s awkward geographic position between North Korea and the United States, any North Korean missile launched at a U.S. target east of California would necessarily enter Canadian airspace.

Quebec asylum requests surged to 150 a day: immigration minister

The Quebec government has asked Ottawa for help managing a surge of people who illegally crossed the U.S.-Canada border and are now seeking asylum in the province.

A day after Montreal’s Olympic Stadium was turned into a temporary shelter for the growing number of asylum seekers, Quebec Immigration Minister Kathleen Weil said the province has “the experience to face these situations,” but needs more assistance from the federal government.

Environmental group pushes for carbon tax

A new coalition is pushing the Manitoba government to add a carbon tax of at least the federally required minimum.

“In order to avoid the potentially catastrophic consequences of climate change, we need to take deep, urgent action,” said Curt Hull, a program manager at Climate Change Connection and spokesman for The Manitoba Carbon Pricing Coalition.

  • “Same-sex marriage more popular than ever in Canada” – how ridiculous these people are. They imagine that getting the implicit sanction of the law and authorities makes their perversion morally and aesthetically acceptable.

    • Frances

      How’s same-sex divorce these days? Don’t get any stats on that.

    • How “popular” can this fantasy of four percent of the population be?

  • Spatchcocked

    You got your wagon circlers and you got your wagon burners…’s impossible to confuse the two…….until now apparently.

    • Frances

      What about tepee circles – weren’t tepees set up in a circle for much the same reasons as one would circle the wagons?

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    Ezra needs to can this kook. fast.

    Annoying Shakespeare Crasher Whines About Slashed Tire — Apparently It’s Just a Shitty Tire

    She’s pals with Jack Posobiec who Rebel fired for constantly posting fake stories
    even though he was known for that kind of stuff before he was hired.

  • ontario john

    The socialist elites continue their attack on free speech in Ontario. The Toronto Sun reports that Tarek Fatah has had his talk cancelled at Ryerson. But its ok to talk about the filthy Jews and Christians at the so called university. Maybe he is the next person to get charged with hate crimes. And the elites have ordered the media to minimize coverage of the flood of illegal border crossings. My wife feels like she is being sexually assaulted by security personnel at airports, every time she flies withing the country. But the RCMP help invaders across the border. The NDP is even calling for all border points to be opened, so they can cross safely.

    • WalterBannon

      Like York, Rye High is not a real university.

  • WalterBannon

    Who do we have to pay in North Korea to get their missile to hit Ottawa????

  • JohnfromToronto

    A North Korean missile wouldn’t dare enter our airspace. We have the Messiah as our PM. He’ll just flash his smarmy smile and shake his curly hair and it will go away.

    • k2

      In all seriousness, can you imagine the pickle we’d be in having this moron and his “feminist”/muslim administration to deal with a real crisis, such as a war with NK? Spooky.

  • andycanuck

    “His dark hair is a color found in nature”
    Yes. Like horsesh1t.

    • Frances

      But is his hair colour really real? Have been reports that there’s some “enhancing” going on.

  • jayme

    “Please, please Mr Government, tax me some more – it’s for the environment after all!”

    “Well, certainly we’ll tax the shite out of you, since you have asked so nicely: we always aim to meet the needs of our donors, er, citizens. By the way, there’s the matter of the extra surcharge, added because you delayed in your request…. Have a nice day!”

  • Millie_Woods

    “In order to avoid the potentially catastrophic consequences of climate change, we need to take deep, urgent action…”

    Like raising taxes. Pure science.

    • So how much money is it going to cost to stop that hurricane?

  • simus1

    In these turbulent times it seems only prudent for Canada to open a full embassy in pyongyang and do a lateral transfer of our present envoy to China there posthaste, if not sooner.

  • Allan

    Once again these sh*tstain environmentalists think that reducing Canada to a third world country by trying to ban all fossil fuels in favour of their “green” energy, Canada by itself, with 35 million people will somehow “save the world” from climate change.

  • Old Guy

    Re: Why Canada would be directly in the way of a North Korean nuclear war.

    Canadians should consider the unintended consequences of a North Korean nuclear missile launched at the U.S. but instead landing in Canada. Given that the last successful test of a North Korean ICBM had a 6500 mile range or 10,460 km this could mean that it is possible for errant missile to hit Ottawa by mistake.

    Should Canadians be concerned or relieved?

  • Malcolm Y

    Calgary Circle the Wagons. I read a book on starting a small business, and whether you agree or not, his advice was to never have an opinion in public that might make anyone mad especially stay away from politics.