Burkini-wearing muslima told to pay pool cleaning fees

A woman who wore a burkini to swim in a communal pool has reportedly been told to pay a considerable fine to fund cleaning costs at the facility.

The woman, named as Fadila, decided to go for a dip at the private residence renting with her family near Marseille in the south of France.

But after she entered the water a member of staff allegedly told everyone else to leave the pool. The owner later called her husband and asked him to stop her from swimming for the remainder of their stay.

He is also alleged to have told the couple that they must foot the €490 (£440) bill for the pool being emptied and cleaned and pay damages because it was out of use for two days.

  • Dana Garcia

    Muslim cooties — yuck!

    Why do western governments immigrate this trouble?

    • Blacksmith

      The cooties would die in the chlorinated water, it is the dissolution of the fecal matter that bothers me.

  • marty_p

    I know of an un-named resort in Ontario that had a similar problem. A family from “South Asia” used the pool wearing their “exotic” garb – the local Board of Health shut the pool down due to high fecal colliform

  • Brenda

    It was a mistake for the pool owner to call the husband and tell him what to do with his wife. It’s a form of creeping islamization, which accepts that you have to talk to women through their male ‘guardians.’
    She’s a grown woman and (I’m assuming) not a 9 year old child bride: if she can go to the pool dressed in a tent, she can deal with irate calls from the owner.

  • Gary

    Back in the 60’s and 70’s Toronto there were all kinds of rules for using a Pool run by the City , I know this because I competed in swimming and used indoor Polls during the winter .

    But now that islam’s in Toronto I watch a fully dressed women in Black take a child in the pool area after they used the women’s change room.
    There was no way to tell that that person wasn’t a pervert male muslim wanting to seen women and little girls undressing in the change room.
    This was around 2005 at an outdoor City run pool. How odd that the person must be fully covered because of their values and rules by their Faith…..yet they go to a public pool where men and young males are almost naked with speedo’s which is okay for the little girl and alleged women in Black.

    This was the creeping sharia we see and the ruse to prompt a response to deny entry and obey Canada’s Rules where the Muslims cries racism where the islamofascists cheer because they can use this to prove that canasd is at war with islam and muslims.
    The M-103 is exactly that where the islamist supremacy Nationalists are going to amass all the FAKE hate-crimes that the CBC and STAR reported as Factual and put in Print .
    Now that the muslim population is over 1 million it has the power to do soft-jihad and use taqiyyah to incite the youth to offensive jihad by using the M-103 study to confirm Canadians hate muslims and are at war with allah and islam. Justin’s pakistani MP wants sharia in Canada while the Quran orders muslms to make Canada an islamic State , which Imam Steve Rockwell has said on TV and Radio shows while citing the quran to prove it .

    What’s the point for having rules when islam produces followers that want to live by the Quranic rules like some Master-Race in Canada where WE are the occupiers on allahs land that mus be converted or killed.

    • Suz

      In Australia at a public pool they have installed a curtain dividing the pool so that muslim women have privacy!! There is a petition over there trying to get the curtain removed. Insane that would happen in Australia. The story is on rebel media/youtube.

      • Gary

        It’s not a Human Right to swim . Muslims can build their own Pools if they think that non-muslims are filthy . They can also start refusing the welfare checks from those same filthy unbelievers .

  • WalterBannon


  • Alain

    Rule number 1: Never rent to Muslims in the first place.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I read the story and it’s only implied by the staff telling everyone to get out of the pool. It’s obvious that she shit in the pool.

  • Holy cow! It’s coming towards us!

    (that never gets old)

  • DMB
    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I saw that one in the theater when I was a kid.

  • Barrington Minge

    I do love this picture of Kim Kardashian in the sea