Tucker Carlson v. Idiot Muslim Convert

Bob Marro is a white Muslim convert who believes Sharia law represents tolerance. Tucker believes he’s wrong, hilarity ensues.

  • Alain

    Marro is absolute proof of the need to totally clean house at the State Department. He is a perfect convert in his ability to lie with a straight face over and over in spite of all contrary evidence.

  • Ego

    If Tucker had spent just 3 days reading Robert Spencer’s “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam,” or Bill Warner’s excellent books on Islam and the Koran (including a simplified Koran with verses put in chronological order and duplicates pruned), he could have found ample ground to prove Marro a liar and a takiyya artist. Like when Marro quoted peaceful verses of the Koran as if he hadn’t ever heard about abrogation.
    It is a BIG mistake to debate a Muslim if you don’t know squat about Islam. It will leave the audience with the impression that your opponent is, or may be, right when in fact he isn’t. This is far worse than not debating him at all.

    • Alain

      Excellent point. Too bad Tucker did not have someone like Robert Spencer present to debate Morro.

      • Ego

        Considering the paramount importance of the the subject these days, I think everyone speaking on the matter in public (and, in fact, everybody) should have a working knowledge of Islam. Quite a few of Spencer’s and Warner’s books are aimed at novices and get the reader up to speed in a matter of a few weeks at most.

    • There are plenty of examples of Islam’s intolerance. That anyone would overlook them shows that they were blind to begin with.

      • Alain

        Trying to claim that Indonesia is an example of Muslims accepting religious pluralism is a perfect example.

    • laja kurc

      Carlson should have asked him about honour killings. I would have enjoyed seeing Marro slime his way out of that one.

  • Martin B

    White Muslim convert = traitor

    • mobuyus

      Traitor = fool.

      • simus1

        Tucker’s first words should have been:
        “I understand the Saudis have high resolution videos of both your proclivities and you making large bank deposits. Do you have any preference about what we will discuss first?”

  • Dana Garcia

    It’s disappointing that Tucker didn’t see anything inherently wrong with muslim immigration — Wrong! Don’t invite the enemy of 1400 years standing inside.

    • My bees have a simple, three-point technique for protecting themselves from their enemies:

      1 — Identify the enemy = wasps
      2 — recognise the enemy = large and bright yellow
      3 — if it turns up on your doorstep, kill it.

      I believe it was Einstein who said “If you can’t explain something simply, you clearly don’t understand it.”