The Military Options for North Korea

North Korea test-launched on Friday its first ballistic missile potentially capable of hitting America’s East Coast. It thereby proved the failure of 25 years of U.S. nonproliferation policy. A single-minded rogue state can pocket diplomatic concessions and withstand sustained economic sanctions to build deliverable nuclear weapons. It is past time for Washington to bury this ineffective “carrots and sticks” approach.

America’s policy makers, especially those who still support the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, should take careful note. If Tehran’s long collusion with Pyongyang on ballistic missiles is even partly mirrored in the nuclear field, the Iranian threat is nearly as imminent as North Korea’s. Whatever the extent of their collaboration thus far, Iran could undoubtedly use its now-unfrozen assets and cash from oil-investment deals to buy nuclear hardware from North Korea, one of the world’s poorest nations.

One lesson from Pyongyang’s steady nuclear ascent is to avoid making the same mistake with other proliferators, who are carefully studying its successes.

  • DMB

    Kim Jung Un is so determined to maintain power that he had his own half brother assassinated to avoid any power struggle. He has no children of his own meaning when he is gone there will be no obvious successor making the potential total collapse of North Korea very high right after a very messy power struggle. This is why I support the assassination of Kim Jung Un through the use of his enemies within North Korea and I am sure he has many with the aid of South Korea and the U.S.

    • Never Forgive Never Forget

      Agreed. Precision op.Bin Laden his as.s.

    • I do hope they drone him.

    • Exile1981

      Kim Jung Un killed off the one brother but officially that brothers son Kim Han-Sol still lives. Sadly no one has heard from Han-Sol since a March 2017 video showed up where he said he was safe and sound. The video was released by a group that has in the past “abducted” NK defectors and repatriated them to NK… meaning Han-Sol is likely dead or in a camp in NK being tortured.

      Kim Jun-Un has a older brother named Kim Jong-Chul; he is not well liked and the father passed him over because he was “too feminine”; the only times he has left NK has been to go to eric clapton concerts around the world. Jun-Un sent Jong-Chul to arrest the uncle he had killed.

      There are also two sisters
      Kim Sul-Song – she is in the military and in charge of security for the family. She is feared by people who know her. – Rumor is she is the one that convinced her brother the uncle should be killed.

      Kim Yo-jong is the youngest child – She is married and had a child in 2015 (no one knows the gender), she is in charge of propaganda for the country.

      Lastly tubby Kim Jung-Un has a daughter Kim Ju-ae with his pop star wife. The daughter was born in 2012. The birth was preceded by a lengthy disappearance from public during the pregnancy. Similar disappearances happened in late 2015, early 2016 and she has not been seen since Jan 2017. It has been speculated there could be two additional children as the family has a tradition of not publicly announcing births until the child is a teen. The oldest daughter was accidentally announced when Dennis Rodman mentioned in passing to the media he had met the baby.

    • He has a daughter. Also, there are various uncles, ect in the wings.

      Should Kim be ousted and/or killed, it is possible that the generals may take over. It is possible that they are not mad and may be reasonable.

  • The real war would be between China and USA as it has always been. If the US wants to bring China and then North Korea to heel, it needs to back all Asian countries except China in their quest for weapons. Even the playing field.

    Also, the US can support a citizens’ movement with things flashsticks containing information about the West and encouraging dissident and defector movements.

  • Time for the military option against both NK and Iran. Dithering has led nowhere, but only given them the chance to increase their threat level. A stitch in time saves nine. Even eight stitches are better than nine.