Sophisticated Australian Airplane Bombing Plot a Warning To the West

Australia’s arrest Saturday of four men suspected of plotting a terrorist attack on a commercial airliner signals more than a resurgent terror threat to airplanes. Because the alleged weapon involved smuggling explosives and poison gasses in a standard kitchen utensil – a meat grinder or mincer – it demonstrates, too, the rapidly increasing sophistication of these plots and the development of new means of attack.

It also exposes what international intelligence agencies, but few others, have known for some time: in a recent ranking of countries where radical Islam is a significant security threat, Australia stands in third place.

This may surprise most people, who think of Australia as a land of laid-back surfers and cuddly koalas, but a different side of Australia has emerged in recent years – one where radical Islam is rising.

  • The police and security services are treating this a a big win, claiming that the bomb “never made it near security because it was stopped at check in.”

    That means a terrorist was walking around the main terminal, surrounded by hundreds of people, with a bomb. Spare me the high fiving and extend airport security. It’s as if they’ve never heard of Brussels. Morons and security theater.

  • simus1

    None of the perps had steady jobs inside the most sensitive secure areas of the airport? That sounds very suspicious by itself.