Reports: Robert Mueller Digging into Don Jr. with Grand Jury

According to a Thursday Wall Street Journal report, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been using a federal grand jury to assist his investigation into alleged Russian election interference.

The report claims the grand jury has been in operation in Washington, DC for several weeks, although it does not provide a source for this information. As the article acknowledges, grand jury proceedings are typically sealed and participation is kept secret.

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  • The Butterfly

    Fire them all yesterday.

  • Alain

    Mueller should be under investigation himself. This is a disgusting farce that is allowed to go on. Close down the circus.

  • simus1

    Start arresting DemocRats and disclose the evidence against them. Such trials are crap shoots at the best of times but the stench of political criminality never leaves any perp whether they beat the system or not.

  • TruthSerum

    Likely why Pres. Trump is furious with Atty Gen. Jeff Sessions. Not only did Sessions recuse himself but then he hired Rosenstein – who quickly chose Mueller to head the Russia probe. Mueller has packed his Get Trump posse with Democrat donors/supporters. (Apparently, there are no qualified conservative attorneys??)

    Trump, like most fathers, is protective of his children and now sees his son, Don Jr., dragged into the witch hunt. Circle back to AG Sessions.