Politicians Accused Of Violating Canadians’ Rights By Blocking Them Online

TORONTO — The British Columbia Civil Liberties Association is looking into complaints from citizens who have been blocked on social media by politicians and government agencies, HuffPost Canada has learned.

“We have gotten complaints about this and, we are just grappling right now with the assessment,” Micheal Vonn, BCCLA’s policy director, said Wednesday. “People are asking about this very question.”

I admit to being a little torn by this…

  • Mark

    Blocking people on twitter just means they can’t see tweets while logged in. They can still see them when not logged in if the person has a public profile which I assume all politicians would. These people want to be able to harass politicians via twitter and be seen by their buddies harassing them. If you want to contact an MP you can still email or send a letter or call their office any of which will get your point across without you having to be seen like some kind of drama queen.

    • I seldom engage directly, I see no point for just this reason.

    • kkruger71

      I agree, though I would like to see an option for this type of case (politicians) where they can block people from commenting but those people can still read everything. They should have easy access to reading public statements by their politicians but those same public figures should have a recourse to stop their feeds from being filled up with spammers who spend all day every day harassing them.