Migrant Rescue NGOs Refuse to Sign Code of Conduct

Several major migrant rescue NGOs working in the Mediterranean have refused to sign a proposed “code of conduct” developed by the Italian government which could limit their access to Italian ports.

Last month, Italian authorities announced a plan to introduce a code of conduct for pro-migrant rescue NGOs utilizing Italian ports including transparency of funding and more government access to their operations.

Start sinking their boats.

  • Malcolm Y

    “Start sinking their boats.”


    • Alain

      Exactly and every time they purchase new boats with Soros’ money sink them.

    • DVult

      Throw their crew into the clink for a few years also.

  • If all migrant ships were shot at and sunk on sight, they would soon stop coming. Soon = within days. All this mass invasion has happened because EU authorities refused to protect their borders. They then constructed an ideology to fit their cowardice.

  • robins111

    One question that I’ve asked and only get mumbles in return. Now that the Syrian tiff is settling down and ISIS is on the run. When are we going to start shipping the refugees back??

    • Alain

      Too good to be true.

    • We’ll be seeing lots of Vacations in Syria taken at our expense in no time.

    • Yo Mama

      Maybe only after we have our own 9/11. Maybe. Or it might take a few.

    • RottyLover

      They were NEVER refugees. They are INVADERS.

      • Alain

        Hear! Hear!