‘I smiled as he was pumped full of bullets’

Don’t blame him.

A police officer opens fire at Muhammad al-Maghrabi, 41, who was convicted of raping and murdering a three-year-old girl

  • krystal10

    The punishment is not sufficient for the terrible crime committed against such a tiny trusting young girl. Death was too swift for this monster.
    Castration without anesthetic followed with cross-amputation (fingers and toes).

    • Robert J. Hoshowsky

      Close. The Asians have it right with death of a thousand cuts.

  • vwVwwVwv

    Best punishment is still hand him over to the victim as Slave.

  • P_F

    That’s the only language a mohammedan understands. Morally weak & corrupt Western govt./administration could learn some lesson from them; ‘how to treat a mohammedan criminal’.

  • Del Evans

    No problem with executing this guy. People like Bernardo and Homolka deserved the same. The only thing upsetting is the blood lust of the crowd. They know he will be shot but they are compelled to be part of it. I bet more than one dipped their hands in his blood as a trophy. This kind of mad mob scene is what we are importing.

    • k1962

      Agree with you 100%. To me the baying crowd are just as odious as the rapist/murderer.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      Electrodes attached too his balls: slowly turn up the juice till his brain explodes.

  • Rapists deserve to die. There is no excuse for rape, particularly child rape, and there should be zero tolerance for it.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Myself, just a good quick public execution is sufficient. Bravo.
    BUT, it is odd they killed him in a Muslim country in the first place.
    It that makes me suspicious why they execute him for crimes that the victim is usually blamed for. Makes me think he was the wrong sect or religion.

    • Maybe but he is still justly executed.

      • Cat-astrophe

        Don’t worry that i’m going soft, I thought the whole area should have gone glass after 9/11…….the whole mess got worse since…..

    • Hard Little Machine

      Arabs are tribal above all else. Mess with the wrong family and you’re dead

  • This man was caught.

    How many other terrible things have happened that no one knows about or have been swept under the carpet for a substantial bribe?

  • irishrus

    An extreme deterrent is all that can stop sickos from their evil.
    They sure as hell can’t be ‘rehabilitated’ back into the human race

    It should be treated here no less than over there, yet they do short time if at all and then put back in the community with no one being allowed to be warned.

    • Alain

      Anyone who would rape a 3 year old child cannot be rehabilitated. That for me is too disgusting for words to describe.

  • Robert J. Hoshowsky

    A repulsive, murdering pedophile executed? Good.

    In Ontario, the Liberals would have likely given him a cabinet position.