Finding Jihad in Jail: The Growing Number of Radicals Recruited in Western Prisons

On June 3, 2017, a man boarding a bus in a suburb of Baltimore, Maryland was recognized by one of the passengers as the perpetrator of an armed robbery that had taken place earlier in the day. The passenger immediately called the police, and officers intercepted the bus at a subsequent stop, blocking one of its doors, to prevent the suspect — 35-year-old Blaine Robert Erb — from fleeing.

Erb responded by drawing two semi-automatic pistols from his backpack and firing both in all directions. He was killed during the shootout, which was captured on surveillance cameras.

What was not covered by the press about the incident — reported as yet another example of the wanton violence that has come to characterize Baltimore – was a description of Erb’s attire and other aspects of his appearance. This is a significant “oversight”: what the video footage reveals is that Erb was wearing a Muslim thobe and large skull cap, and that he sported a long, bushy red beard. This could indicate that he is among those coined by certain experts in the U.K. as “ginger jihadis” to denote “redheaded men and women … replacing the ritual bullying of the playground with the ritual strictures of radical Islam, perhaps… as a result of the bullying and persecution they endure early in life.”

  • Yo Mama

    Of course you recruit ganstas where all the ganstas are jailed when you are recruiting for a gangsta ideology. You have a captive audience and often the recruiter is an imam paid for by the government to visit the jail.

    • Watchman

      What’s more, you have a ideology of both supremacism and victimhood, one that legitimises almost any act against society for not being run by that ideology. Of course criminals are drawn to a religion that says that not only is theft, extortion, robbery and murder against non-muslims allowed, but that these acts are praiseworthy as part of this religion.

  • marty_p

    Makes perfect sense to me – stick a bunch of people of the same religious background in jail – some of them who are known to have backgrounds of involvement in radical groups – give them nothing to do and provide them time and materials to immerse themselves in radical ideologies and conspiracy theories as taught by their radical fellow inmates. Feed them 3 Halal meals a day + all the prayer time they want (to pray for the death of the “inferior Kufar and infidel and Jews” whose fault it is that they are in jail in the first place) and bingo you have more radicals.
    Wow I figured it out and I don’t even have a York University Social Studies degree.

  • Watchman

    The ‘ginger jihadis’ are usually not natural red-haired, but are almost certain dying their hair and beards to emulate their prophet Muhammad as much as they possibly can. Since Muhammad is their perfect example of a man, and dyed his beard red with henna, then so many muslims also try to follow his example and dye their beards too.

  • Surele Surele

    take no prisoners, just sayin…

  • Alain

    Incarcerating enemy combatants with domestic criminals never works out well.