Allegations of financial mismanagement put African Canadian Legal Clinic’s funding at risk

A Toronto legal clinic that has advocated for the Black community for over two decades is in jeopardy of having its funding cut amid allegations of financial mismanagement.

The African Canadian Legal Clinic has failed to address a number of issues, including misuse of public funds, since they first surfaced in 2009, according to a June 2016 decision from a committee of Legal Aid Ontario’s board of directors. The decision, obtained this summer by Metro, found the clinic was in “fundamental breach of its obligations” under its funding agreement with Legal Aid Ontario.

The decision specifically cites an audit by independent auditors PwC, which names Margaret Parsons, the clinic’s executive director, and found she charged $754 for a diamond ring to a company credit card in 2007. Auditors found no evidence the money had been paid back.

  • Ottawa Eyes

    These financial “problems” having been going on much longer than just 10 years.

    These are just the latest “problems” to come out into the daylight.

    • This is what multicult produces, multicultural corruption.

      • Watchman

        It’s a traditional cultural practice in their home countries: why would do you expect that they behave like Westerners?

      • krystal10

        Low standards, indeed. $750 for a diamond ring is NOT much of a diamond. Probably glued diamond chips.

    • k1962

      Wow, the government moves slow. They hand out money like candy, but take forever to discover fraud and theft.

  • marty_p

    First Caribanna management gets turfed due to mismanagement and lose the ethnocultural festival including the parade which is rescued and now called “Caribbean Carnival”.
    Now this.
    Definitely due to White oppression and White racism.
    It’s a racist conspiracy.

  • Yo Mama

    Wonder what would be the result if they ever audited the South Asian Community Legal Services?

    • Liberal Progressive

      Well somebody has to defend the local jihadis at tax payers expense.

  • andycanuck

    So that’s why Jesse Jackson is in town..

  • ontario john

    And the atrocities against blacks in Canada continues. A black writer at the Toronto Star complains that poor subway air conditioning is racist against blacks. And of course racism is rampant across Canada.

  • robins111

    I for one am shocked. There had to be at least 200 weaves and hair extensions included in the report

  • A Hamilton Guy

    Looks like they will blame the white man again.

  • DMB

    Black Lives Matter will attempt to fill in the void and will profit from this!