Traditional family households shrink to new low in Canada

OTTAWA, August 2, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — According to data released by Statistics Canada today, the traditional family in Canada has reached an all-time low. The most common type of household is now composed of a single person living alone.

These findings are from the third series of data in the 2016 Census. This series focuses on families, households, marital status, and language.

“The data provide a portrait of a country where diverse living arrangements have replaced the family models of the past,” said the governmental agency.

  • Frances

    This may be amont some demographics, but do know that – when at offsprings’ gatherings – that their buds are very much trad and hanging in there. As are we.

  • PaulW

    These trends will reverse soon as the muslim population continues to explode. Give it a decade, two at the most.

  • How could this go wrong?

  • Marius K

    Society of lonely people.

  • Alain

    That is assuming that people provide honest answers to their invasive questions. I also suspect more than a small amount of tampering with the data to advance the Left’s agenda, since I recall the number of homosexuals claimed by Stats Can being greatly overblown.

    • Uncommunist

      Exclusively for the purpose of falsely claiming more money via grants, gubmint jobs etc …

  • simus1

    When the housing bubble – oh wait, the gubmint cannot permit the housing bubble to burst and disappoint all their supporters/ employees/ rent seekers jammed into tiny downtown condos.