J.K. Rowling, like so many others, let anti-Trump bias get in the way of facts

Let the J.K. Rowling story serve as a lesson for how the severe anti-Trump sentiment that’s still going strong in progressive culture can blind us to basic facts.

The Harry Potter author has now apologized for tweets she issued criticizing the president for avoiding shaking the hand of a disabled boy in a wheelchair as he and his family visited the White House.

  • Don’t get me wrong, I think she is a nasty, elitist hag, but we really should be focussing on the fact that Rowling was given this excuse to express her hatred and prejudice by an edited down video that was tweeted by (oh, am I surprised!) a Democrat operative(http://freebeacon.com/culture/dem-reps-aide-tweets-misleading-video-trump-handicapped-child/). There do not seem to be any depths to which the progressive left can not sink to throw feed this monstrous reservoir of rage.

  • Editor

    She has apologized to the boy and his family, which she used as pawns in her attack on the President but she still has not apologized to President Trump, the target of her deranged attack. Still a narrow-minded, ideological, dishonest liar in my book.

  • Spatchcocked

    Poor thing is obviously under a spell.

    • andycanuck

      ♫ It’s bitchcraft! ♪

  • Spatchcocked

    Her apology means less than nothing. Her fundamentals are flawed.
    Her wonderful imagination is shall we say limited in its understanding ?