How Justin Trudeau Is Making Canada Less Safe For Jews

Under Justin Trudeau’s leadership and policy of appeasing hatred, Canada has become a more dangerous place for Jews.

“Why can’t he be our President?” lamented the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s charisma and wardrobe certainly left an impression on the writer, who made a point of noting the pushed-up sleeves, blue tie, and white shirt, topped off with “socks festooned with moose.”

Remember when Rolling Stone was all about rock, not socks? Nowadays it seems like the magazine spends its time sexing up terrorists such as the Boston Marathon bomber, and making up a story on campus rape that never happened.

The truth is that under Trudeau’s leadership and policy of appeasing hatred, Canada has become a more dangerous place for Jews. Canadian Jews are the most targeted religious group in the country. Despite making up less than 1 percent of the population, Jews disproportionately make up most of the victims of hate crimes.

  • JoKeR
  • Justin St.Denis

    Canadian anti-semitism found a home in the LPC a long, long time ago. Turdeau Sr. was a big Jew hater. Not surprising the apple fell close to the tree.

    • Charles Findlay

      ….and then there was Mackenzie King…”none is too many”.

  • ontario john

    And thanks to imam Trudeau, the Toronto Sun is reporting that Montreal’s Olympic stadium is being turned into a huge refugee center. Yes soon the big O will look like a muslim African shithole. This is because of the large number of black muslims flocking over the border. And in further evidence that Canada is going down the toilet, the Sun reports that gay marriages are becoming more popular.

    • Charles Findlay

      The Big Owe…Book 2.

  • Alain

    The fact is that he is putting all of us in danger even though far too many Canadians, Jews and non Jews, remain in denial.

  • When Dion said that Canada was not Israel’s friend any longer, that should have sent red flags shooting up.

  • David Murrell

    The posted article (a good article by the way) mentions Tom Quiggin and his Terrorism and Security Experts in Canada. He has done fine research work, but now the TSEC Network site is down. So too is the CIJ News site run by Jonathan Halevi. Does anyone know if these two are still writing? They have done much good work on Canadian Islamic terrorism.