Hackers display swastikas, ‘Shariah message’ and Pepe on Welsh city billboard

Offensive images including a picture of a swastika and a message referring to Shariah law were displayed on a digital billboard in the city of Cardiff, Wales after an alleged hacking.

The giant screen, located on the popular shopping destination on Queen Street, transmitted the far-right images Tuesday night, prompting a police investigation.

Screengrabs of the photos posted on the thread ‘Politically Incorrect’ on 4Chan were shared on Twitter by /pol/ News Forever – an account described as “politically incorrect – and always right.”

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Everyday, /pol/ shapes more and more of the worldview of more and more people.
    They ARE the crack in the political continuum that continually grows.

    • Looks like they’re havin fun;)

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        I think the whole Nazi thing is to scare off the “normies”.

        • V10_Rob

          There’s undoubtedly some genuine nazis in there, but it’s hard to tell them apart from all the trolls looking to get a rise out people, try-hards attempting to be edgy, SJWs pretending to be racists to discredit the alt-right, and various law enforcement provocateurs.

    • Editor

      They should take a liking to George Soros and look at his activities and e-mails. Betcha there would be tons of fun stuff in there.