Exeter man who changed into a burqa is searched by armed police

An Exeter ‘campaigner’ was stopped by armed police after he was spotted changing from a Western clothing into a burqa in a high street store and was then heard imitating prayer loudly. After leaving Debenhams, Thomas Dunn, of Exeter, took off his burqa and was questioned and searched by police in Queen Street at 12.30pm on Sunday. He was stopped under Section 43 of the Terrorism Act and was released without charge.

The 57-year-old gas engineer told DevonLive.com he had dressed in a burqa on a few other occasions recently as part of his one-man campaign to ban the wearing of burqas in the UK.

  • Alain

    He makes a valid point, and I am glad he wasn’t just going all tranny.

  • Brett_McS

    He was only questioned after he took the burka off. Otherwise that would have been Islamophobic.

    • Watchman

      Does any reader think that he wasn’t given a warning when detained that if he continued this behaviour he might be charged with “incitement to racial hatred” as an offence by the provisions of §§ 17-29 of the Public Order Act 1986?

      The threat of a year in jail might be the authorities’ solution to this behaviour, especially if he had the same fate as Kevin Crehan, jailed for that offence: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4075328/Man-jailed-leaving-bacon-sandwiched-outside-mosque-dead-prison-half-way-12-month-sentence.html

      • Thomas Dunn

        For the information of watchman. What I did was a perfectly legal protest about against the covering of faces the police acted correctly and profesionly and did not detain me. The police have a hard enough job even with the use of cctv. Imagine if football hooligans decided to wear them to football matches (totaly legal) what a mess this country would be in !

        • Watchman

          Thomas, I take my hat off to your bravery. Seriously.

          Thank you for your efforts. You are absolutely right in showing the hypocrisy and detrimental effects of allowing anyone to move in society with their identities concealed.