Deadly False Narratives Drove the Temple Mount Crisis

The crisis between Israel and the Palestinians that raged in recent weeks over the Temple Mount/Al-Aqsa holy site in Jerusalem has died down, but the affair provides important clues about the rising ability of fundamentalist Islamists to seize control of the narrative.

Radical rhetoric espoused by those who sought to inflame religious conflict dominated the Temple Mount crisis.

  • SDMatt

    Deadly false narratives? As in Jerusalem is the third holiest site in Islam?

    They claim Israel wants to take over the holy site and destroy the mosque to make way for a third Temple.

    I’d sign off on that.

    • Alain

      Jerusalem is not even mentioned in the koran and even when there the Muslims face Mecca to pray. On the other hand religious Jews the world over face the direction of Jerusalem to pray.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Once it dawns on Trump that a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs is an impossible dream, things will start changing.

    • Alain

      Provided he does not get sucked in by Deep State.