‘Competitive Victimhood’ Among Racial Minorities Backfires, Study Finds

Racial minorities engage in “competitive victimhood” in a quest for recognition of past sufferings such as slavery and colonialism, according to a new research study published by Belgian professors.

Laura De Guissmé and Laurent Licata, professors at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, made the claim in a recent article in the European Journal of Social Psychology, further finding that the struggle for victimhood can “foster intergroup conflict” such as a desire for revenge, increased hostility, and racism against other minorities.

Consequences of competitive victimhood are especially dangerous, the professors note, because they can contribute to the escalation of conflict (for example, with regards to the Israel/Palestine conflict), reduce trust and empathy, and impede the resolution of conflicts by peaceful means

  • Millie_Woods

    No shit Sherlock. The only thing surprising about this is someone is publishing it. If this was the States or Canada, they’d be out of a job faster than you could say ‘that’s racism’.

    • k2

      You’d be surprised at some of the nonsense that gets research funding. I saw recently that one enlightened research team had uncovered evidence that people suffering from mental disorders such as depression, mania, etc., were more prone to get into difficulties with alcohol and drugs than “average” folk were. Who’d have thought it?

  • Hard Little Machine

    It occurred to me this morning whilst listening to NPR that the left thinks of every single aspect of society in terms of herding everyone in a room and forcing them to pretend to get along and cooperate as the solution to everything. Which of course is profound nonsense.

  • Flyboy

    Of course they compete for the crown of top victim. Rewards, reparations and undeserved power await.

  • Everyone gets tired of the “more victimly than thou” crowd sooner or later.

    • krystal10

      Human nature avoids the weakest of its species. The weakest are those that complain, congregate together, and attract other weak people. The weakest will sap your energy, and more.

      If they display weakness, some species of the animal kingdom will actually abandon or kill their own to avoid attracting predators. I’ve seen red-wing black birds dive-bomb and kill as a group one of their own that is injured. Not a pretty sight but necessary for the protection and well-being of the group.

      Strange that physically handicapped people are often stronger and succeed in life because they don’t complain. They don’t hang out with the complainers.

      • They don’t want to be labelled or kept back. Their personal fortitude shames the decidedly weak.

  • DMB

    Competitive victim hood leads to self destruct behavior. Take aboriginal Canadians this country’s largest self described victim group. Aboriginals instead of over coming their adversity like many other ethnic groups have done they have embraced it which has lead to high rates of incarceration, alcoholism, domestic violence, extreme poverty. Rather than dealing with the root causes of their problems they prefer to blame others (white people, the government) in exchange for receiving financial compensation which in turn causes a vicious cycle of self destruction.